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    1. R Anthropology and Fisheries Management in the United States
      1. Palma Ingles

Part 1: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Social Science in Fisheries Management

    1. R Influencing Fisheries Management: Multitasking for Maximum Effectiveness
      1. John R. Maiolo
    2. R Defining Fishing Communities: Issues in Theory and Practice
      1. Patricia M. Clay

Part 2: Quantitative Methods for Identifying and Describing Fishing Communities

    1. R A Quantitative Model for Ranking and Selecting Communities Most Involved in Commercial Fisheries
      1. Jennifer Sepez
    2. R Social Indicators and Measurements of Vulnerability for Gulf Coast Fishing Communities
      1. Michael Jepson

Part 3: Surveys and Ethnographic Interviews for Data Collection in Fishing Communities

    1. R Any Port in the Storm: The Effects of Hurricane Katrina on Two Fishing Communities in Louisiana
      1. Palma Ingles
    2. R Filipino Crew Community in the Hawai'i - Based Longline Fishing Fleet
      1. Stewart Allen
    3. R A State-Managed Program for Conducting Interviews with Commercial Fishermen
      1. Brian Cheuvront

Part 4: Applying Cultural Models to Fishing Communities

    1. R Life on the Water: A Historical-Cultural Model of African American Fishermen on the Georgia Coast (USA)
      1. Ben G. Blount
    2. R Cultural Models and Cultural Consensus of Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab and Oyster Fisheries
      1. Michael Paolisso

Part 5: Participatory Methods Involving Fishing Communities

    1. R Using Oral History Techniques in A NOAA Fisheries Service (NMFS) Education and Outreach Project: Preserving Local Fisheries Knowledge, Linking Generations, and Improving Environmental Literacy
      1. Susan Abbott-Jamieson
    2. R The Community Panels Project: Citizens' Groups for Social Science Research and Monitoring
      1. Madeleine Hall-Arber
    3. R Biosketches of Authors