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Chapter 1

    1. R Caring for Those in Crisis: Integrating Anthropology and Public Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
      1. Holly Ann Williams

Chapter 2

    1. R Balancing Imbalances: Facilitating Community Perspectives in Times of Adversity
      1. Suzanne Fustukian
        Anthony B. Zwi

Chapter 3

    1. R Human Rights and Complex Emergencies
      1. Lucia Ann McSpadden
        John R. MacArthur

Chapter 4

    1. R Approaches to Facilitating Health Care Acceptance: A Case Example from Karenni Refugees
      1. John R. MacArthur
        Sandra Dudley
        Holly Ann Williams

Chapter 5

    1. R A Practical Discussion of Applied Public Health Research in the Context of Complex Emergencies: Examples from Malaria Control in Refugee Camps
      1. Holly Ann Williams
        Peter B. Bloland

Chapter 6

    1. R Public Health in Complex Emergencies: Toward a More Integrated Science
      1. Ronald Waldman
        Holly Ann Williams