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    1. R Introduction
      1. Paula L. W. Sabloff

Section I: Practitioners in the Private Sector

    1. R Putting Anthropology to Work
      1. Darby Stapp
    2. R Practicing Anthropologist, Evaluator, Father?
      1. Michael C. Reed
    3. R From the Desert of Southeastern Idaho to the Consulting World of the East Coast
      1. Daniel G. Roberts
    4. R Applied Anthropology in the Management of Native American Cultural Resources: Archaeology, Ethnography, and History of Traditional Cultural Places
      1. T. J. Ferguson
    5. R You Gotta Have Friends
      1. Nathaniel (Niel) Tashima
        Cathleen Crain
    6. R Challenging a Paradigm in Two Directions: Anthropologists in Business and the Business of Practicing Anthropology
      1. Judith Benson
    7. R Communicating Anthropology
      1. Dawn Bodo
    8. R Engaging Anthropology in the Nonprofit Sector
      1. Karin E. Tice

Section II: Policy, Human Rights, and Advocacy Practitioners

    1. R The Business of a Sustainable Career: Environmental Anthropology
      1. P. J. Puntenney
    2. R Practicing Anthropology in the Human Rights Arena
      1. Barbara Rose Johnston
    3. R Working as an Independent Consultant
      1. Linda A. Camino
    4. R Projects Parse My Work Life
      1. Edward Liebow

Section III: Government, Human Services, and Museum Practitioners

    1. R Anthropology in the Contemporary Museum
      1. Jonathan Haas
    2. R A Public Archaeologist in a Public Agency
      1. Francis P. McManamon
    3. R Update on Projects Recovery and Connect
      1. Merrill Singer
    4. R What Your Adviser Will Never Tell You
      1. Susan Squires

Section IV: International Development Practitioners

    1. R On the Road Again: International Development Consulting
      1. Mari H. Clarke
    2. R Nonacademic Experience and Changing Views of the Discipline
      1. Michael Painter
    3. R Reflections on Ethics Working in International Development
      1. Wendy Wilson Fall

Section V: Academically Centered Practitioners

    1. R Building a Bridge between Academics and Practice
      1. Ann T. Jordan
    2. R A Double Life in Anthropology
      1. Eileen M. Mulhare
    3. R My Journey along the Path of Public Health
      1. Myrna Silverman
    4. R Practicing Anthropology in Public Health and Medical Education
      1. Sue Gena Lurie
    5. R Constructing a Workplace: A Personal Tale from a Practicing Anthropologist
      1. Elaine Simon
    6. R Integrating Anthropologists into Nonacademic Work Settings
      1. Cris Johnsrud
    7. R Directing Organizational Culture Change through Strategic Planning and Leadership
      1. Dennis Wiedman
    8. R Uniting Theory and Practice in American Corporations
      1. Marietta Baba
    9. R On Being an Anthropologist-Citizen
      1. Rebecca M. Joseph
    10. R Anthropology in Disaster Research and Management
      1. Anthony Oliver-Smith