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    1. R Farming as a Way of Life: Precarious and Complex
      1. Stephanie Paladino
        Jeanne Simonelli


    1. R Actor–Networks, Farmer Decisions, and Identity
      1. Benjamin J. Gray
        Jane W. Gibson
    2. R Contested Ecologies: Gender, Genies, and Agricultural Knowledge in Zanzibar
      1. Erin Dean
    3. R Land Degradation, Faith-Based Organizations, and Sustainability in Senegal
      1. Laura L. Cochrane
    4. R Coffee Tourism in Chiapas: Recasting Colonial Narratives for Contemporary Markets
      1. Sarah Lyon

Research Reports and Commentaries

    1. R Anthropology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: A Summary of Quantitative Approaches to Traditional Knowledge, Market Participation, and Conservation
      1. Elizabeth Anne Olson
    2. R Killer Corn and Capitalist Pigs: Forensic Noir and Television Portrayals of Modern Agricultural Technology
      1. Annie R. Specht

Book Reviews

    1. R Cornucopia: Leveraging Agriculture to Improve Health and Nutrition. Targeting the USDA, One Program at a TimeD. Patrick Johnson. 2011. Lanham, MD: Hamilton Books.
      1. Brent A. Wasser
    2. R The War on BugsWill Allen. 2007. White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Publishing.
      1. Daniel Schneider
        Joan P. Mencher
    3. R The Built Environment and Public HealthRussell P. Lopez. 2012. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
      1. Gregory Gullette

Film Review

    1. R Yellow Fever: The Navajo Uranium LegacyTina Garnanez & Jay MintonSophie Rousmaniere; music score, Jay Minton, Randall Warren, Guy Forsyth; Vision Maker Media; 56 minutes, 2013.
      1. Katherine O'Donnell