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Presidential Preface

    1. R Presidential Preface to Volume 31, Issue 1
      1. Anita Spring

Editor's Note

    1. R Editor's Note
      1. Kendall Thu

Special Collection:

    1. R Harvesting Anthropology for Public Consumption: Anthropologists Respond1 to Richard Manning's Book Against the Grain: How Agriculture has Hijacked Civilization: Introduction: The Missing Ethanol Chapter
      1. Douglas Midgett
    2. R Determinism, Agency, and Justice
      1. Mark Moberg
    3. R The Centralization of Food Systems and Political Power
      1. Kendall Thu
    4. R Summary Comments
      1. Sidney Mintz
    5. R The Flaw is Fatal
      1. Richard Manning


    1. R Genetically Modified Organisms as Public Goods: Plant Biotechnology Transfer in Colombia
      1. Christina Holmes
        Janice E. Graham
    2. R Negotiating Landscapes, Survival, and Modernity: Goats, Migration, and Gender in the Arid Lands of Northern Peru
      1. M. Cristina Espinosa

Book Reviews

    1. R Everyone Eats: Understanding Food and Culture. 2005 by E.N. Anderson
      1. Jonathan Haas
    2. R Global Visions, Local Landscapes: A Political Ecology of Conservation, Conflict, and Control in Northern Madagascar by Lisa L. Gezon
      1. Matthew J. Forss