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Special Section: Peer Commentaries on Michael Cernea's "Studying the Culture of Agriculture: The Uphill Battle for Social Research in CGIAR"

    1. R Cernea Comment
      1. Stephen B. Brush
    2. R What Kind of Social Science Does the CGIAR, and the World, Need?
      1. David A. Cleveland
    3. R Michael Cernea's Excerpt
      1. Murray J. Leaf
    4. R Comments on Cernea
      1. William Loker
    5. R Response to Michael Cernea
      1. Lois Stanford
    6. R Agriculture IN Culture
      1. Kendall Thu
    7. R Keeping People in Culture and Agriculture
      1. Ben J. Wallace


    1. R "Feeding the Nation" and "Protecting the Watershed"
      1. Susan Paulson
        Jonathan DeVore
    2. R This Little Piggy Went to Market; This Little Piggy Stayed Home
      1. Ronald Rich

Book Review Essay

    1. R Living in a Physical Word
      1. Richardson B. Gill