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    1. R Sustaining El Niño-Induced Scallop Booms with Aquaculture
      1. Sarah Keen Meltzoff
        Michael Lemons
        Lila Asfour
        Gletys Guardia-Montoya
        Ricardo Gonzales
    2. R Corporate Community or Corporate Houses?
      1. Stephen M. Perkins
    3. R Agricultural Development NGOs, Anthropology, and the Encounter with Cultural Knowledge
      1. Chris J. Shepard
    4. R Corporate Chickens and Community Conflict in East Texas
      1. Douglas H. Constance
        Reny Tuinstra
    5. R The Great Cornish Maize Maze
      1. Steve Butts
        Alan McGeorge
        Jenny Briedenhann

Book Review

    1. R Slaughterhouse Blues
      1. David Kozak