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Part I: Applied Anthropology in Latin America

    1. R Applied Anthropology/antropología de la gestión: Debating the Uses of Anthropology in the United States and Latin America: From Policy Ethnography to Theory of Practice: Introductory Considerations
      1. Judith Freidenberg
    2. R La antropología aplicada al servicio del estado-nación: aculturación e indigenismo en la frontera sur de México
      1. Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo
    3. R Dialogía y ruptura: la tradición etnogr´fica en la antropología aplicada en Puerto Rico, a partir de The People of Puerto Rico
      1. Manuel Valdés Pizzini
    4. R The People of Puerto Rico Half a Century Later: One Author's Recollections
      1. Sidney W. Mintz

Part II: Rethinking Polarized Ethnicities: Power and Identity in Guatemala

    1. R Guatemala: A Brief Chronology
    2. R Rethinking Bi-Polar Constructions of Ethnicity
      1. Kay B. Warren
    3. R "Where Have All the Spaniards Gone" Independent Identities: Ethnicities, Class and the Emergent National State
      1. Todd Little-Siebold
    4. R With All the Means that Prudence Would Suggest: "Procedural Culture and the Writing of Cultural Histories of Power about 19th-century Mesoamerica
      1. John M. Watanabe
    5. R Beyond the Indian-Ladino Dichotomy: Contested Identities in an Eastern Guatemalan Town
      1. Christa Little-Siebold
    6. R The Transformation of the Tzuultaq'a: Jorge Ubico, Protestants and other Verapaz Maya at the Crossroads of Community, State and Transnational Interests
      1. Abigail E. Adams
    7. R Repensando la etnicidad en Guatemala: Una nueva aproximación interdisciplinar
      1. Marta Elena Casaús Arzú
    8. R Ambiguity and Contradiction in the Analysis of Race and the State
      1. Marisol de la Cadena