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    1. R Chain Marriage among the Shuar
      1. Steven Lee Rubenstein

Review Article

    1. R The Maya and the Gringos Many "Unfinished Conversations"
      1. Phyllis Passariello
    2. R The United States and Latin America: "Benevolent Imperialism" and/or "Imperial Hubris"
      1. C. William Heywood

Sociocultural Applied Anthropology

    1. R Latin American Women and the Search for Social Justice
      1. Mary Olson
    2. R The Women's Movement in Latin America: Feminism the Transition to Democracy; Women and Social Change in Latin America
      1. Maria-Elena Mujica
    3. R Emancipating the Female Sex: The Struggle for Women's Rights in Brazil, 1850–1940
      1. Mary Olson
    4. R The Burden of Support: Young Latinos in an Aging Society
      1. James Loucky
    5. R Café con Leche: Race, Class, and National Image Venezuela
      1. Daniel Mato
    6. R Conversations in Colombia: The Domestic Economy in Life and Text
      1. Ann Miles
    7. R Sellers and Servants: Working Women in Lima, Peru
      1. James M. Wallace
    8. R Covering Ground: Communal Water Management and the State in the Peruvian Highlands
      1. Linda J. Seligmann
    9. R Andean Ecology: Adaptive Dynamics in Ecuador
      1. James M. Wallace
    10. R Life and Death in the Ancient City of Teotihuacan: A Modern Paleodemographic Synthesis
      1. Charles C. Kolb
    11. R The Welsh in Patagonia: The State and the Ethnic Community
      1. Harald E. L Prins
    12. R Argentine Unions, the State and the Rise of Perón, 1930–1945; Argentine Workers: Peronism and Contemporary Class Consciousness
      1. William W. Clohesy
    13. R Bolivia: Land of Struggle
      1. Harry Sanabria
    14. R Space-Time of the Bororo of Brazil
      1. Kayl Candler
    15. R Beliefs and Holy Places: A Spiritual Geography of the Pimeria Alta
      1. Miles Richardson
    16. R This Promised Land, El Salvador
      1. Walter Randolph Adams
    17. R Places of Origin: The Repopulation of Rural El Salvador
      1. Walter Randolph Adams
    18. R Weak Foundations: The Economy of El Salvador in the Nineteenth Century
      1. Walter Randolph Adams
    19. R Blood Ties: Life and Violence in Rural Mexico
      1. James Loucky
    20. R The Skeleton at the Feast: The Day of the Dead in Mexico
      1. Jill Leslie Furst
    21. R La Zandunga: Of Fieldwork and Friendship in Southern Mexico
      1. Jeffrey H. Cohen
    22. R Society and Economy in Mexico
      1. John Monaghan
    23. R Labor in the Puerto Rican Economy
      1. Glenn Petersen

Archaeology Ethnohistory

    1. R Marvelous Possessions: The Wonder of the New World
      1. Kathleen S. Fine
    2. R The Native Population of the Americas in 1492, 2nd edition
      1. Charles C. Kolb
    3. R Disease, Depopulation, and Cultural Change in Northwestern New Spain, 1518–1784
      1. Marvin Allison
    4. R Between the Summit and the Sea: Central Veracruz in the Nineteenth Century
      1. Richard Bradley
    5. R Ancient Road Networks and Settlement Hierarchies in the New World
      1. Terry Y. Levine
    6. R Blacks in Colonial Veracruz: Race, Ethnicity, and Regional Development
      1. Richard Bradley

    1. R Untitled

Archaeology Ethnohistory

    1. R Indigenous Rulers: An Ethnohistory of Town Government in Colonial Cuernavaca
      1. Leslie Offutt
    2. R From Dictatorship to Democracy: Rebuilding Political Consensus in Chile
      1. Carlton K. Larsen
    3. R Classic Maya Political History: Hieroglyphic and Archaeological Evidence
      1. Gary M. Feinman
    4. R Social Inequality In Oaxaca: A History of Resistance and Change
      1. Miguel Diazbarriga
    5. R The Archaeology of Pacific Nicaragua
      1. Peter E. Siegel

Linguistic Anthropology Literature

    1. R Alejo Carpentier: The Pilgrim at Home
      1. George Shivers
    2. R The Identity of Hispanoamerica: An Interpretation of Colonial Literature
      1. George Shivers
    3. R Women's Writing in Latin America: An Anthology
      1. Willy O. Muñoz
    4. R The Monstered Self: Narratives of Death and Performance in Latin American Fiction
      1. Willy O. Muñoz
    5. R Latin American Writers
      1. John F. Day
    6. R At Face Value: Autobiographical Writing in Spanish America
      1. David Syring
    7. R Gods of the Popol Vuh
      1. Lucy A. Smith

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest
      1. John H. Bodley