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    1. R The Impact of Cultural Change and Population Growth On The Shipibo of the Peruvian Amazon
      1. Warren M. Hern

Review Article

    1. R Industrialization in Mexico
      1. James F. Hopgood

Sociocultural Historical Applied Anthropology

    1. R Into the Heart: One Man's Pursuit of Love and Knowledge Among the Yanomama
      1. William P. Mitchell
    2. R The Fate of the Forest: Developers, Destroyers and Defenders of the Amazon
      1. Thomas Love
    3. R Amazon Conservation in the Age of Development
      1. Michael Chibnik
    4. R The Population Dynamics of the Mucajai Yanomama
      1. William J. Smole
    5. R Hydroelectric Dams on Brazil's Xingu River and Indigenous Peoples
      1. Donatella Schmidt
    6. R The Four Winds: A Shaman's Odyssey into the Amazon
      1. Donald Joralemon
    7. R The Power of Love: The Moral Use of Knowledge amongst the Amuesha of Central Peru
      1. Gertrude E. Dole
    8. R The Idea of Race in Latin America, 1870–1940
      1. Marvin Harris
    9. R Pilgrimage in Latin America
      1. Lindsay Jones
    10. R Land Rights and Indigenous Peoples: The Role of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
      1. Ted L. Gragson
    11. R Power and Popular Protest, Latin American Social Movements
      1. Maria-Elena Mujica
    12. R Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies and the CIA in Central America
      1. Madeline Barbara Leons
    13. R Household and Class Relations: Peasants and Landlords in Northern Peru
      1. Lesley Gill
    14. R Slavery and the Rise of the Atlantic System
      1. Dale T. Graden
    15. R White Servitude and Black Slavery in Barbados, 1627–1715
      1. Anil Sookdeo
    16. R The Abolition of Slavery and the Aftermath of Emancipation in Brazil
      1. Jeff H. Lesser
    17. R Engendering Democracy in Brazil: Women's Movements in Transition Politics
      1. Jeff H. Lesser
    18. R Coffee Planters, Workers and Wives: Class Conflict and Gender Relations on São Paulo Plantations, 1850–1980.
      1. Cliff Welch
    19. R Understanding Central America
      1. Gordon Urquhart
    20. R Feeding the Crisis: U.S. Food Aid and Farm Policy in Central America
      1. Jan-Åke Al Varsson
    21. R To Lead as Equals: Rural Protest and Political Consciousness in Chinandega, Nicaragua, 1912–1979
      1. Charles R. Hale
    22. R Women and Revolution in Nicaragua
      1. Florence E. Babb
    23. R Ethnicity at Work: Divided Labor on a Central American Banana Plantation
      1. Paul Kutsche
    24. R The Maquiladora Industry: Economic Solution or Problem?
      1. Francis A. O'Connor
    25. R Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village
      1. Brad R. Huber
    26. R Descendants of Totoliguoqui: Ethnicity and Economics in the Mayo Valley
      1. Jeffrey H. Cohen
    27. R The Mexican Urban Household: Organizing for Self -Defense
      1. Matthew C. Gutmann
    28. R Distorted Development: Mexico in the World Economy
      1. Carlton K. Larsen
    29. R Popular Movements and Political Change in Mexico
      1. Mary Christopher Nunley
    30. R Physicians at Work, Patients in Pain: Biomedical Practice and Patient Response in Mexico
      1. Walter Randolph Adams
    31. R The Revolutionary Process in Mexico: Essays on Political and Social Change, 1880–1940
      1. Richard Bradley

Archaeology and Ethnohistory

    1. R Precolumbian Population History in the Maya Lowlands
      1. Christopher H. Lutz
    2. R Sixth Palenque Round Table, 1986
      1. Alan R. Sandstrom
    3. R Cuello: An Early Maya Community in Belize
      1. Vernon L. Scarborough
    4. R Regional Perspectives on the Olmec
      1. William H. Isbell
    5. R Ancient Maya Wetland Agriculture: Excavations on Albion Island, Northern Belize
      1. Gary M. Feinman
    6. R Scribes, Warriors and Kings: The City of Copan and the Ancient Maya
      1. Marshall Becker
    7. R Quirigua: A Classic Maya Center and Its Sculptures
      1. Stephen Houston
    8. R To Change Place: Aztec Ceremonial Landscapes
      1. Ronald Loewe
    9. R Conquest of New Spain
      1. Benjamin Keen
    10. R Archaeology and Ethnohistory
      1. Frederick W. Lange
    11. R Lost Crops of the Incas: Little-known Plants of the Andes with Promise for Worldwide Cultivation
      1. Patricia J. Lyon
    12. R The Potatoes of South America: Bolivia
      1. Kent Mathewson
    13. R Inca Civilization in Cuzco
      1. Christine Greenway
    14. R Callachaca: Style and Status in an Inca Community
      1. Irene Silverblatt
    15. R La Galgada, Peru: A Preceramic Culture in Transition
      1. Terence N. D'Altroy
    16. R The Royal Treasuries of the Spanish American Empire, Volume 4: Eighteenth-Century Ecuador
      1. John F. Schwaller
    17. R Colonialism and Agrarian Transformation in Bolivia: Cochamba, 1550–1900
      1. Maria Lagos

Linguistic Anthropology Literature

    1. R A Writer's Reality
      1. Scott W. Klein
    2. R Some Write to the Future: Essays on Contemporary Latin American Fiction
      1. Scott Klein
    3. R Referential Practice: Language and Lived Space among the Maya
      1. Lucy A. Smith
    4. R Referential Practice: Language and Lived Space among the Maya
      1. Lucy A. Smith

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Legacy of the Incas. 1989
      1. Shelia Pozorski
    2. R Images of History: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Latin American Photographs as Documents
      1. Jorge Duany
    3. R Photography in Brazil: 1840–1900
      1. Joe Greene