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    1. R Neither Warriors nor Victims, the Wauja Peacefully Organize to Defend their Land
      1. Emilienne Ireland
    2. R History, Law and Ethnicity in Andean Columbia
      1. Joanne Rappaport

Book Reviews

    1. R Cocaine: White Gold Rush in Peru
      1. Jim Weil
    2. R The Hold Life Has: Coca and Cultural Identity in an Andean Community
      1. Patricia J. Lyon
    3. R The Peruvian Mining Industry: Growth, Stagnation, and Crisis
      1. Lynette Benson
    4. R Healers of the Andes: Kallawaya Herbalists and Their Medicinal Plants
      1. Carole H. Browner
    5. R Swidden-Fallow Agroforestry in the Peruvian Amazon
      1. Richard K. Reed
    6. R Fragile Lands of Latin America: Strategies for Sustainable Development
      1. Francis A. O'Connor
    7. R A Musical View of the Universe: Kalapalo Myth and Ritual Performances
      1. Jeffrey David Ehrenreich
    8. R Conflict, Migration, and the Expression of Ethnicity
      1. Michael Kearney
    9. R Drinkers, Drummers and Decent Folk: Ethnographic Narratives of Village Trinidad
      1. Angelina Pollak-Eltz
    10. R Caye Caulker: Economic Success in a Belizean Fishing Village
      1. Norman B. Schwartz
    11. R Rx: Spiritist as Needed: A Study of a Puerto Rican Community Mental Health Resource
      1. T.W. Ward
    12. R Rx: Spiritist as Needed: A Study of a Puerto Rican Community Mental Health Resource
      1. T.W. Ward
    13. R Roots of Revolution: Radical Thought in Cuba
      1. C. William Heywood
    14. R The Continuing Crisis: U.S. Policy in Central America and the Caribbean
      1. Marc Edelman
    15. R Puerto Rico
      1. Martin F. Murphy
    16. R Banana Diplomacy: The Making of American Policy in Nicaragua, 1981-1987
      1. Anne Sutherland
    17. R Condemned to Repetition: The United States and Nicaragua
      1. Philip A. Dennis
    18. R Anthropological Perspectives on Rural Mexico
      1. Jeffrey H. Cohen
    19. R The Myth of Ritual: A Native's Ethnography of Zapotec Life-Crises Rituals
      1. Mary Christopher Nunley
    20. R The Social Ecology and Economic Development of Ciudad Juarez
      1. Scott Guggenheim
    21. R Way of Death: Merchant Capitalism and the Angolan Slave Trade, 1730-1830
      1. David J. Hess
    22. R Life and Death at Paloma: Society and Mortuary Practices in a Preceramic Peruvian Village
      1. Marshall J. Becker
    23. R Pre-Hispanic Occupance in the Valley of Sonora, Mexico: Archaeological Confirmation of Early Spanish Reports
      1. Richard A. Krause
    24. R Trail of Miracles: Stories from a Pilgrimage in Northeast Brazil
      1. Catherine B. Burroughs
    25. R West Indians and Their Language
      1. J. Lowell Lewis
    26. R Women's Fiction from Latin America: Selections from Twelve Contemporary Authors
      1. Carol Lacy-Salazar
    27. R Amnesty International Publications