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Dossier: Commodities, Exchange and Outsiders in Indigenous South America

    1. R The Apple is Grown, the Grape is Given: Two Modes of Mapuche Exchange
      1. Magnus Course
    2. R The Wealth of the Body: Trade Relations, Objects, and Personhood in Northeastern Amazonia
      1. Vanessa Grotti
    3. R Demanding, Giving, Sharing, and Keeping: Panará Ideas of Economy
      1. Elizabeth Ewart
    4. R Wild Things: Manufacturing Desire in the Urarina Moral Economy
      1. Harry Walker


    1. R The Politics of Identification in a Shrimp Conflict in Ecuador: The Political Subject, "Pueblos Ancestrales del Ecosistema Manglar“ [Ancestral Peoples of the Mangrove Ecosystem]
      1. Sara Latorre
    2. R Navigating Narrative: The Antinomies of "Mediated“Testimonios
      1. Benjamin Kohl
        Linda C. Farthing
    3. R Forged Communities and Vulgar Citizens: Autonomy and its Límites in Semineoliberal Bolivia
      1. Andrew Orta

Book Reviews

    1. R Foodscapes, Foodfields and Identities in YucatánSteffan Igor Ayora-Diaz, New York: Berghahn Books, 2012. 311pp..
      1. Ramona Lee Pérez
    2. R Becoming Mapuche: Person and Ritual in Indigenous ChileMagnus Course, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2011. 224pp..
      1. Piergiorgio Di Giminiani
    3. R Intimate Indigeneities: Race, Sex, and History in the Small Spaces of Andean LifeAndrew Canessa, Durham: Duke University Press, 2012xiv+ 326pp..
      1. Kimbra Smith
    4. R Mayas in Postwar Guatemala: Harvest of Violence RevisitedWalter E. Little & Timothy J. Smith, eds. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2009. 224pp..
      1. Karine Vanthuyne
    5. R The Broken Village: Coffee, Migration, and Globalization in HondurasDaniel R. Reichman, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2011, 209pp..
      1. Andrés León
    6. R Engendering Households in the Prehistoric SouthwestBarbara J. Roth, ed., Tuscon: University of Arizona Press, 2010, 332pp..
      1. Jane Eva Baxter
    7. R Trumpets in the Mountains: Theater and the Politics of National Culture in CubaLaurie A. Frederik, Durham: Duke University Press, 2012. xxiii +336pp..
      1. Kimbra Smith
    8. R Before the Revolution: Women's Rights and Right-Wing Politics in Nicaragua, 1821–1979Victoria González-Rivera, University Park: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011. 224pp..
      1. Courtney Desiree Morris

Film Review

    1. R Carlos Marighella, quem samba fica, quem não samba vai embora (Carlos Marighella: If you Samba you Stay, If not you Fade Away), 2011Carlos Pronzato. 90 min. Color. Distributed by La Mestiza Audiovisual, Brazil,
      1. Núbia Bento Rodrigues

Review Essays

    1. R A Self-Identified U.S. Black Intellectual-Entrepreneur on Blacks in Latin America
      1. Jean Muteba Rahier
    2. R Holidays in the Flesh: Work, Sex, and Romance in the Caribbean
      1. M. Alfredo González


    1. R Trade, Exchange and Markets in Indigenous Latin America – An Introduction
      1. Evan Killick


    1. R Erratum