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Original Articles

    1. R The Making of Customary Territories: Social Change at the Intersection of State and Indigenous Territorial Politics on Lake Titicaca, Peru
      1. Michael Kent
    2. R Everyday Violence and the Persistence of Grief: Wandering and Loss Among Honduran Youths
      1. Jon Wolseth
    3. R Positioning the New Reggaetón Stars in Cuba: From Home-Based Recording Studios to Alternative Narratives
      1. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier
    4. R Exploiting the 1953 Agrarian Reform: Landlord Persistence in Northern Potosí, Bolivia
      1. Into A. Goudsmit
    5. R Withered Milpas: Governmental Disaster and the Mexican Countryside
      1. Analiese Richard
    6. R Lia Won't: Agency in the Retrospective Pregnancy Narratives of Low-Income Brazilian Women
      1. Maureen O'Dougherty

Book Reviews

    1. R Maya Calendar Origins: Monuments, Mythistory, and the Materialization of Time by Prudence M. Rice
      1. Anthony F. Aveni
    2. R Time and Memory in Indigenous Amazonia: Anthropological Perspectives by Carlos Fausto and Michael Heckenberger (eds.)
      1. Laura Bathurst
    3. R Paris Primitive: Jacques Chirac's Museum on the Quai Branly by Sally Price
      1. Catherine Benoît
    4. R Chocolate in Mesoamerica: A Cultural History of Cacao by Cameron McNeil (ed.)
      1. Marshall Joseph Becker
    5. R Monumental Ambivalence: The Politics of Heritage by Lisa Breglia
      1. Peter Benson
    6. R Fetishes and Monuments: Afro-Brazilian Art and Culture in the 20th Century by Roger Sansi
      1. Brian Brazeal
    7. R Will to Live: AIDS Therapies and the Politics of Survival by João Biehl
      1. Clara Han
    8. R Ritual, Discourse, and Community in Cuban Santería: Speaking a Sacred World by Kristina Wirtz
      1. Elina I. Hartikainen
    9. R The Garifuna, A Nation Across Borders: Essays in Social Anthropology by Joseph A. Palacio (ed.)
      1. Paul Christopher Johnson
    10. R A Discontented Diaspora: Japanese Brazilians and the Meanings of Ethnic Militancy, 1960–1980 by Jeffrey Lesser
      1. Daniel T. Linger
    11. R Variations in the Expression of Inka Power by Richard L. Burger, Craig Morris, and Ramiro Matos Mendieta (eds.)
      1. Joyce Marcus
    12. R Lydia's Open Door: Inside Mexico's Most Modern Brothel by Patty Kelly
      1. Gregory Mitchell
    13. R Globalization and Race: Transformations in the Cultural Production of Blackness by Kamari Maxine Clarke and Deborah A. Thomas (eds.)
      1. Jean Muteba Rahier
    14. R Intolerância religiosa: impactos do neopentecostalismo no campo religioso afro-brasileiro by Vagner Gonçalves da Silva(org.)
      1. Roger Sansi
    15. R Creating the Big Easy: New Orleans and the Emergence of Modern Tourism, 1918–1945 by Anthony J. Stanonis
      1. Joseph L. Scarpaci
    16. R Twinning Faith and Development: Catholic Parish Partnering in the US and Haiti by Tara Hefferan
      1. Mark Schuller
    17. R Another Arabesque: Syrian-Lebanese Ethnicity in Neoliberal Brazil by John Tofik Karam
      1. Stephen Selka
    18. R Puyo Runa: Imagery and Power in Modern Amazonia by Norman E. Whitten Jr. and Dorothea Scott Whitten
      1. Michael A. Uzendoski
    19. R Football in Latin America: A Field and Its Challenges
      1. Laurent Dubois
        John Sugden
        Tomlinson. Alan
        Silvio Aragón
        Grant Farred
        James Ferguson
        Eduardo Galeano
        Edison Luis Gastaldo
        Lahud Guedes Simoni
        Roger Magazine.
        Tony Mason.
    20. R To Rise in Darkness: Revolution, Repression, and Memory in El Salvador, 1920–1932
      1. Ellen Moodie
        Jeffrey L. Gould
        Aldo A. Lauria-Santiago
        Héctor Lindo-Fuentes
        Erik Ching
        Rafael A. Lara-Martínez
    21. R What's New in Neoliberalism? A Review of Recent Scholarship on Chile
      1. Edward Murphy
        Steve J. Stern
        Lessie Jo Frazier
        Diane Haughney
        Michael J. Lazzara
        William E. Skuban