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Tales of Human Frailty and Devotion

    1. R El Cordonazo de San Francisco
      1. Rosamond B. Spicer
    2. R Return
      1. Edward Spicer
    3. R Manuel's Sickness
      1. Edward Spicer
    4. R Siddha Yoga, Anthropology and the Human Quest
      1. Kanu Sandra Dunn
        Paul Magnarella


    1. R Tribute to a Great Humanitarian: R. Buckminster Fuller 1895 - 1983
      1. Valentine Rossolli Winsey
    2. R Whether Shamanism Exists in the Modern World
      1. Laurie Lathrop
    3. R Editor's Farewell
      1. Bruce Grinda


    1. R An Empirical View of the Moral Order
      1. Elvin Hatch
    2. R Culture and Morality
      1. Stan Wilk
    3. R Structure and Process in Guijiro Society
      1. Robin M. Wright

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