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    1. R Miami Money and the Home Gal
      1. Karen E. Richman
    2. R "Without Deer There Is No Culture, Nothing"
      1. Alexander D. King
    3. R Could She Be Dying? Dis-Orders of Reality around Death in an American Hospital
      1. Helen S. Chapple


    1. R Maquiladora Cousins
      1. Tamar Diana Wilson


    1. R Meditación in and about Mbohapy Ñe'e
      1. Tracy K. Lewis

Poems/Five Poems in Three Languages

    1. R Pax Nobiscum
      1. Tracy K. Lewis
    2. R Muse
      1. Tracy K. Lewis
    3. R Pride?
      1. Tracy K. Lewis
    4. R Ignoramus
      1. Tracy K. Lewis


    1. R Slugs
      1. Brian Swann
    2. R Soft Boiled Eggs
      1. Brian Swann
    3. R Imprecation against Two Cambridge Policemen for Disturbing Dave Sapir's Party
      1. Dell Hymes

Book Reviews

    1. R "After Genres": A Biography That Illuminates Ethnography
      1. Christopher Eric Garces
    2. R Silicon Valley Light
      1. Jennifer Croissant
    3. R New Perspectives on Female Circumcision
      1. Barry P. Michrina
    4. R Africa Reclaiming Herself
      1. Donald Robotham
    5. R A Place to Write: The Bartender as Ethnographer
      1. Warren Olivo