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    1. R Introduction
      1. David Sutton
        Renate Fernandez
    2. R "Daddy, Let's Talk"
      1. Joseba Zulaika
        Garazi Zulaika
    3. R Infants, Ancestors, and the Afterlife: Fieldwork's Family Values in Rural West Africa
      1. Alma Gottlieb
        Philip Graham
        Nathaniel Gottlieb-Graham
    4. R "He's Too Cold!" Children and the Limits of Culture on a Greek Island
      1. David Sutton
    5. R "Motherhood Is Powerful": Embodied Knowledge from Evolving Field-Based Experiences
      1. Constance R. Sutton
    6. R Memories of Difference: From Lur to Anthropologist
      1. Agnes Gertrud Loeffler
    7. R Making Mutual Sense: My Daughters and I in a Village in Iran
      1. Erika Friedl
    8. R Taxonomy and the Music of Failure
      1. Toni Flores
    9. R Interviews of the Unspoken: Incompatible Initiations in Senegal Fieldwork
      1. Mariette van Tilburg
    10. R Study in Archaeology
      1. Beryle Williams


    1. R The Knife (1997 Fiction Contest, Honorable Mention)
      1. Paul C. Johnson
    2. R John Brown's Body (1998 Fiction Contest Winner)
      1. Don Mitchell


    1. R Holy Ghost People (Scrabble Creek, West Virginia) (1998 Poetry Contest Winner)
      1. Adrie S. Kusserow
    2. R Two Notes on Politeness Formulae
      1. Ingrid Wendt
    3. R Our Fathers
      1. Rory Turner

Book Reviews

    1. R Blessing for a Long Time: A Circle of Stories
      1. Jeffrey D. Anderson
    2. R Clifford Geertz: His Critics and Followers,1998
      1. Edward M. Bruner
    3. R The Not-So-New Social History at Colonial Williamsburg
      1. Catherine M. Cameron
    4. R Connecting "Auto" to "Ethno" in Writing Self and Other
      1. Carolyn Ellis
    5. R Art Imitating Life: Fragmented Writing in a Fragmented World
      1. Gregory G Reck
    6. R They Spoke It First, a Long Time Ago
      1. Robin Ridington