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    1. R Preliminary Statement for 1996 Special Issue, Fieldwork Revisited: Changing Contexts of Ethnographic Practice in the Era of Globalization
      1. Sandra Bamford
        Joel Robbins
    2. R Narrative, Memory, and the Self in Southwestern New Britain
      1. Thomas Maschio
    3. R Different Drummer: Vision and the Anthropological Text
      1. Margaret Willson
    4. R Death of a Patriarch
      1. David M. Smith
    5. R Suppressed Meanings in Narratives about Suffering: A Case from Papua New Guinea
      1. Stephen C. Leavitt

Winners of the 1994 Fiction Contest

    1. R The Siberian Shaman's Dress (excerpt)
      1. Loretta Orion
    2. R Resurrection
      1. Gregory Reck
    3. R Testimony
      1. Olivia Ruiz


    1. R Repatriation
      1. Lisa Kay Adam
    2. R No Second Coming
      1. Andrew Strathern

Book Reviews

    1. R Trance and Violence in Urban Brazil
      1. J.Lowell Lewis
    2. R A Life History of Cultural Fusion
      1. E. N. Anderson
    3. R Saving the Good Stuff
      1. Roger J. Bresnahan
    4. R Ritual Constituencies
      1. Deidre Sklar
    5. R Apache Mythic Present
      1. Antonia Mills
    6. R Eric Michaels: Pitfalls of Originality
      1. Gillian Cowlishaw
        Jennifer Deg/er
    7. R Humanistic Anthropology and Science
      1. Herbert Applebaum