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    1. R Fighting over Pigshit: A New Ireland Pragmatic
      1. Roy Wagner
    2. R Suspending Disbelief: An Encounter with the Occult in Brittany
      1. Ellen Badone
    3. R The Bori and I: Reflections of a Mature Anthropologist
      1. Frank A. Salamone
    4. R Of Cowries and Crying: A Beng Guide to Managing Colic
      1. Alma Gottlieb
    5. R Tiananmen Square: The Rhetorical Power of a Woman and a Man
      1. Yuehong Zhang


    1. R Pietro's House
      1. Walter Goldschmidt

1994 Fiction Contest Honorable Mention

    1. R Come Out and Serve
      1. Kirin Narayan


    1. R Confessions of an Ethnographic Poet
      1. Don Mitchell


    1. R Bog Body
      1. Bettina Arnold
    2. R Archeology
      1. Charles Underwood
    3. R Poems from Igbo
      1. Rory Turner
    4. R Fox and Me
      1. Tara Waters Lumpkin
    5. R Strange Harbor
      1. Kate Altork


    1. R Reflections on the Art of Ethnography
      1. Molly Turner

Book Reviews

    1. R Overlapping Endeavors: Anthropology and Literature
      1. Kirin Narayan
    2. R African Constructions of Self
      1. Clarke K. Speed
    3. R Indonesian Images
      1. Karl G. Heider
    4. R Ritualizing the Play of Politics
      1. Randy Martin
    5. R Beyond the Veil: Culture Screening Reality
      1. Frederic C. Gamst
    6. R The Body in Culture and Text
      1. Traci Carroll
    7. R A Family Mourns Its Past
      1. Carol Hermer
    8. R The Ethnography of the Senses
      1. Leonard Polotnicov
    9. R Postmodern Anthropology, Science, and Humanism
      1. E. Paul Durrenberger