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    1. R Apodicticity: The Problem of Absolute Certainty in,Transpersonal Ethnology
      1. Charles Laughlin
    2. R Locating the Divine in Melanesia: An Appreciation of the Work of Kenelm Burridge
      1. Dan Jorgensen
    3. R The Time of Circumcision
      1. Andrew King
    4. R The Domestication of a Bush Demon
      1. Don Mitchell

Winners of the 1993 Fiction Contest

    1. R Working Norman's Birthday
      1. Kate Altrok
    2. R Introduction
    3. R Saint versus the Hummingbird
      1. María Nieves Zedeño

Winner of the 1994 Poetry Contest

    1. R Oral History
      1. Charles Underwood


    1. R Humanism in the Narrative Voice
      1. Cristine Gardner

Book Reviews

    1. R Amazonia: From Myth to History
      1. Mary Weismantel
    2. R Ritual Presence
      1. Claire R. Farrer
    3. R Making Little Angels
      1. Mary Schweitzer
    4. R Comparative Symbology: A Reexamination?
      1. Clarke Speed
    5. R Artistic Embodiments of the Self
      1. Kathleen M. Adams
    6. R The Perils of Ethnographic Collecting
      1. Julie A. Broyles
    7. R Economy and Discourse in Brazil
      1. E. Paul Durrenberger
    8. R Javanese Lives
      1. Jennifer Williams Nourse