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    1. R Editorial

    1. R Some Notes on Animal Symbolism in African Religion and Culture
      1. Jacob Kehinde Olupona
    2. R Legendary Birds in the Physical Landscape of the Yup'ik Eskimos
      1. Kenneth L. Pratt
    3. R Creativity, Conflict, and Power in Tuareg Spirit Possession
      1. Susan J. Rasmussen

Poetry Winners of the 1992 Poetry Contest

    1. R Introduction
    2. R Ocote
      1. Kate Altork
    3. R Vietnamese Cooking in Reykjavik—for Teng Gee and Jon
      1. Bill Holm
    4. R and wah dey give we?
      1. Edith Laurencin
    5. R Sequin to Guadalajara on Various Levels and in More Times Than I Can Count: The Continuation of Lives Already Dead
      1. Miles Richardson
    6. R Museum
      1. Raman Srinivasan

Book Reviews

    1. R Dreams and Culture
      1. John L. Caughey
    2. R Living with Evil
      1. Marea C. Teski
    3. R Sharing the Dream
      1. Jean-Guy A. Goulet
    4. R Myth Teller Tells All
      1. Aidan W. Southall
    5. R Postmodern Experimental Moment
      1. Aidan W. Southall
    6. R Archaeology and Meaning
      1. Mark P. Leone


    1. R Notice
      1. Edith Turner
        Ivan Brady