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    1. R Is There Room in Anthropology for Poets?
      1. Bruce T. Grindal
    2. R Prelude
      1. J. Iain Prattis
    3. R !Kung Woman Lament; From an Interview with Winnie Mandela; To an Astronaut from an Ancient on the Use of Search Lights
      1. Susan Landgraf
    4. R Once upon a time, on the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean; At Myth End
      1. Catherine Tihanyi
    5. R Ode to the Water Spirit; This is the Year
      1. Patricia Marshall
    6. R Blue Gums in the Dawn
      1. Clive Kileff
    7. R The Archaeologist Talks to a Stone Tool, Cool and Recently Found
      1. Louis Dupree
    8. R Hollywood
      1. William H. Shephard
    9. R The Vision Quest
      1. William Y. Adams
    10. R Wandering Ways of-the Light Honed Wood
      1. Bonnie Glass-Coffin
    11. R The Doe
      1. Jeanne Simonelli


    1. R Introduction: Fiction's Niche in Anthropology
      1. Gregory G. Reck
    2. R Korean Exodus
      1. Ernest L. Schusky
    3. R Christians on the Beach
      1. Yesim Ternar
    4. R Ecket
      1. Catherine A. Callaghan

Book Reviews

    1. R An Award-winning Ethnographic Novel
      1. Barbara Tedlock
    2. R Poetry and Culture: The "Bottom Line"
      1. Linda LeValley Cervantes