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    1. R Confronting Emerson's Hobgoblin: A Self-indulgent Exercise in Explanation
      1. Robert Manners
    2. R Maya Modesty: A Reevaluation
      1. Jeremiah F. Epstein
    3. R Tugen Monopoly: Capitalism and Conflict in the Mountains of Kenya
      1. Michael W. Coy
    4. R Rotanese Cockfighting: Conflict as Script, Drama, and Actuality
      1. J. Jerome Smith

Book Reviews

    1. R Cultural Critique or Xenophobia?
      1. Willie L. Baber
    2. R A Post-Card on Discourse
      1. Paul Stoller
    3. R Pursuing Lives and History
      1. L. L. Langness
    4. R Anthropology Without Humanity
      1. Colin M. Turnbull


    1. R Anthropology Apothegms
      1. Roger W. Wescott
    2. R A Dove's Song
      1. Court Smith
    3. R Catharsis
      1. Mika Applebaum


    1. R Bob Scholte: A Personal Reminiscence
      1. Rayna Rapp