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    1. R The Art Fair, the Marketplace, and the Constraint of Creative Expression
      1. Laura B. DeLind
    2. R Trickster and Mystic: The Anthropological Persona of E. E. Evans-Pritchard
      1. Michael G. Kenny
    3. R Models of the Universe: The Poetic Paradign of Benjamin Lee Whorf
      1. Robin Ridington

Book Reviews

    1. R An Evocation of Place
      1. Bruce M. Zelkovitz
    2. R Life on the Third Coast
      1. E. Paul Durrenberger
    3. R Through the Hourglass Darkly: Time in Traditional France
      1. Patricia R. Gibson


    1. R Antideconstructionist
      1. Joel Savishinsky
    2. R Star Reach
      1. Marea Teski
    3. R Discovery
      1. David Howard Day