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    1. R Strange Laughter
      1. Bruce Grindal
    2. R From Symbolism to Interpretation: Reflections on the Work of Clifford Geertz
      1. Richard Parker
    3. R Beyond Feeding: The Multifaceted Role of Food
      1. Valetine Rossilli Winsey
        Seymour H. Hunter
        Jean Katharine Wagner
    4. R Other Academies, Other Hunters-Gatherers
      1. Dorice Tentchoff


    1. R Magic
      1. Stephen William Foster

    1. R What's Cooking? Notes from a Louisiana Kitchen
      1. Janet Shoemaker
        Mary Van Rheenen

Book Reviews

    1. R Victor Turner's Pilgrimage: The Play of Life as Performance of the Sacred; Theatre and Anthropology; Gender, Class, and Self in Norway; The Dehuman Syndrome
      1. Norris Brock Johnson
        Colin M. Turnbull
        Karen L. Field
        William C. Manson