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Conference Organization



    1. R Introduction to the EPIC 2009 Proceedings: The Fifth Annual Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference

Original Article

    1. R Opening Keynote Address: Icebergs and Ideologies; How Information Flows Shaped the Credit Crisis (from the perspective of a journalist and anthropologist)
      1. Gillian Tett
    2. R Session 1 - Reflecting our roles, skills and ethics Hiroshi Tamura (Hakuhoda, Japan), Curator: Taking the Driver's Seat: Sustaining Critical Enquiry While Becoming a Legitimate Corporate Decision-Maker
      1. Rogerio Depaula
        Suzanne L. Thomas
        Xueming Lang
    3. R Guides Not Gurus
      1. Catherine Howard
        Peter Mortensen
    4. R Close Encounter: Finding a New Rhythm for Client-Consultant Collaboration
      1. Heinrich Schwarz
        Mads Holme
        Gitte Engelund
    5. R The De-Skilling of Ethnographic Labor: Signs of an Emerging Predicament
      1. Gerald Lombardi
    6. R Ethnographer Diasporas and Emergent Communities of Practice: The Place for a 21st Century Ethics in Business Ethnography Today
      1. Inga Treitler
        Frank Romagosa
    7. R Policy Change Inside the Enterprise: The Role of Anthropology
      1. Alexandra Mack
        Josh Kaplan
    8. R Session 2 - Redefining what's CORE Brian Rink (IDEO, USA), Curator: Flexibility and the Curatorial Eye: Why and How Well-Documented Fieldwork Sustains Value Over Time
      1. Elizabeth F. Churchill
        Ame Elliott
    9. R "Name That Segment!": Questioning the Unquestioned Authority of Numbers
      1. Donna K. Flynn
        Tracey Lovejoy
        David Siegel
        Susan Dray
    10. R "Let's bring it up to b flat" - What Style Offers Applied Ethnographic Work
      1. Rick E. Robinson
    11. R The Montage Workshop - The Recreation of Realization
      1. Astrid Søndergaard
        Johanne Mose Entwistle
    12. R Numbers Have Qualities Too: Experiences with Ethno-Mining
      1. Ken Anderson
        Dawn Nafus
        Tye Rattenbury
        Ryan Aipperspach
    13. R Session 3 - New Niches for Old: Adding Value in an Economic Downturn Paul Durrenberger (Penn State Univ, USA), Curator: Challenges and Opportunities for Ethnographic Market Research in Uncertain Times
      1. Ean Zelt
    14. R Practice, Products and the Future of Ethnographic Work
      1. Maria Bezaitis
    15. R Showing the Value of Ethnography in Business
      1. Joan Vinyets Rejón
      1. Filip Lau
    17. R Contextualizing Customers
      1. Truls Erik Johnsnen
        Per Helmersen
    18. R Pushing New Frontiers: Examining the Future of Paper and Electronic Documents
      1. Jennifer Watts-Perotti
        Mary Ann Sprague
        Patricia Wall
        Catherine McCorkindale
    19. R Session 4 - Markets, Media and Meanings Simon Roberts (Intel, Ireland), Curator: How Consumers Create Value in a Recession Economy
      1. Timothy de Waal Malefyt
    20. R Session 4 - Markets, Media and Meanings Simon Roberts (Intel, Ireland), Curator: Lead Type, Dead Type: New Patterns of Local News Production and Consumption
      1. Elizabeth F. Churchill
        Jeff Ubois
    21. R Designing for Turkish Users: Analyzing the Industrial Designer - User Relationship in Turkey
      1. Isil Oygur
    22. R Consumerization and Renewing Peoples and Practices Research
      1. Dawn Nafus
        Rogerio Paula
        Kathi Kitner
        Renee Kuriyan
        Scott Mainwaring
    23. R Tangible Steps Toward Tomorrow: Designing a Vision for Early Childhood Education
      1. Hillary Carey
        Suzanne Gibbs Howard
    24. R Closing Keynote Address
      1. Howard Tullman
    25. R INTERRUPTIONS: Todd Cherkasky (sapient, USA) and ari Shapiro (Hall and Partners, USA), Curators
    27. R Workshops: Robin Beers (Wells Fargo, USA) Joan Vinyets (Piece of Pie, Spain), Curators
    28. R Artifacts alex taylor (Microsoft Research, UK), Wendy March (Intel Labs, Us) and scott trenovits (gravitytank, US), Curators
      1. Peter Coppin