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    1. R Preface
      1. Michael Barton
    2. R Foreword
      1. Michael Brian Schifer

Tart I - Introduction

    1. R Evolutionary Theory in Archaeological Explanation
      1. C Michael Barton
        G. A. Clark

Tart II- general Theory & Method in Evolutionary Archeology

    1. R Introduction
    2. R The Concept of Evolution in Early Twentieth-Century Americanist Archaeology
      1. R. Lee Lyman
        Michael J. O'Brien
    3. R Why the Muddle in the Middle Matters: the Language of Comparative and Direct in Human Evolution
      1. J.A.J. Gowlett
    4. R Cognitive Archaeology, Evolutionary Psychology and Cultural Transmission, with Particular Reference to Religious Ideas
      1. Steven Mithen
    5. R Methodology of Comparison in Evolutionary Archaeology
      1. Hector Neff
        Daniel O. Larson
    6. R Content as Variability, Result as Selection: Toward a Behavioral Definition of Technology
      1. Peter Bleed

Tart III-Material Culture, Behavior & Middle Range Theory

    1. R Introduction
    2. R Technology, Flaked Stone Technology, and Risk
      1. Douglas B. Bamforth
        Peter Bleed
    3. R Stone Tools, Style, and Social Identity: an Evolutionary Perspective on the Archaeological Record
      1. C. Michael Barton
    4. R Seeking Guidelines through an Evolutionary Approach: Style Revisited among the ! Kung San (Ju/'hoansi) of the 1990s
      1. Polly Wiessner
    5. R Evolutionary Implications of Metrical Variation in Great Basin Projectile Points
      1. Robert L. Bettinger
        Jeltner Eerkens
    6. R Transmission Theory in the Study of Stone Tools: A Midwestern North American Example
      1. Michael J. Shott

Part IV - Case Studies & Applications in Paleoanthropology and Archaeology

    1. R Introduction
    2. R Aspects of Early Hominid Sociality: an Evolutionary Perspective
      1. G.A. Clark
    3. R The Mode and Tempo of the Initial Human Colonisation of Empty Landmasses: Sahul and the Americas Compared
      1. R. Esmée Webb
        David J. Rindos
    4. R Rational Behavior, the Adoption of Agriculture, and the Organization of Subsistence During the Late Archaic Period in the Greater Tucson Basin
      1. Michael W. Diehl
    5. R Conspicuous Consumption as Wasteful Advertising: a Darwinian Perspective on Spatial Patterns in Classic Maya Terminal Monument Dates
      1. Fraser D. Neiman
    6. R Behavioral Ecology and the Archaeological Consequences of Central Place Foraging among the Meriam
      1. Douglas W. Bird

Part V-Epligue

    1. R Rediscovering Darwin
      1. G.A. Clark
        C.M. Barton
    2. R List of Contributors