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    1. R Preface
    2. R List of Contributors


    1. R Introduction
      1. Alison Wylie

Early Surveys

    1. R The Female Anthropologist's Guide to Academic Pitfalls
    2. R The Status of Women in Archeology: Results of a Preliminary Survey
      1. Leslie E. Wildesen
    3. R The Status of Women in Archeology
      1. Carol Kramer
        Miriam Stark
    4. R Presenting the Past: A Review of Research on Women in Archeology
      1. Mary Ann Levine

Themes of Diversity and Commonality

    1. R Excavation Bias and the Woman at Home Ideology
      1. Joan M. Gero
    2. R Training and Working Environments in Archeology: Victoria, Australia
      1. Megan Goulding
        Kristal Buckley
    3. R Relationships Between Graduate Training and Placement in Canadian Archeology
      1. Jane H. Kelley
        Warren Hill
    4. R Women, Archeology, and the National Science Foundation: An Analysis of Fiscal Year 1989 Data
      1. John E. Yellen
    5. R Dual Anthropology Career Couples: Different Strategies and Different Success Rates
      1. Margaret C. Nelson
        Deborah L. Crooks
    6. R The Trouble With Numbers: Workplace Climate Issues in Archeology
      1. Alison Wylie
    7. R From Glacial to Chilly Climate: A Comparison Between Archeology and Socio-Cultural Anthropology
      1. Nancy Parezo
        Susan Bender
    8. R Gender and Class in Archeology: Then and Now
      1. Jonathan E. Reyman

Comparisons: Nations and Subfields

    1. R Women in Archeology in Britain: Three Papers
      1. Charlotte Cane
        Roberta Gilchrist
        Deirdre O'Sullivan
    2. R Women in Archeology: Australia and the United States
      1. Wendy Beck
    3. R On the Margin: Women, Archeology, and Cultural Heritage – An Australian Case Study
      1. Jeannette Hope
    4. R Equity and Gender in Australian Archeology: A Survey of the "Women in Archaeology" Conference, 1991
      1. Laurajane Smith
        Hilary du Cros
    5. R Women in Spanish Archeology
      1. Margarita Díaz-Andreu
        Nuria Sanz Gallego
    6. R Gender and Science: Demystifying Argentine Archeology
      1. Cristina Bellelli
        Vivian Scheinsohn
        Mónica Berón
    7. R Equity Issues in Norwegian Archeology
      1. Ericka Engelstad
        Gro Mandt
        Jenny-Rita Næss
    8. R Equity in Academia – Why the Best Men Still Win: An Examination of Women and Men in Mesoamerican Archeology
      1. Anabel Ford
        Anna Hundt
    9. R Women in Zooarcheology
      1. Diane Gifford-Gonzalez
    10. R The Sociology of Gender in Arizona Archeology
      1. Stephanie M. Whittlesey
    11. R Women Archeologists in Asia/Pacific: An Update
      1. Sarah M. Nelson

Reports and Recommendations

    1. R Productivity and Advancement of Women Archeologists
      1. Candice Bradley
        Ulrika Dahl
    2. R The Society for American Archaeology's Committee on the Status of Women: a Progress Report for 1991–1993
      1. Julia A. Hendon
    3. R Expanding Networks for Women in Archeology
      1. Margaret C. Nelson
    4. R Extracts from "Women in British Archaeology"
      1. Elaine L. Morris
    5. R Women in Historical Archeology: The SHA Survey
      1. Hilary Chester
        Nan A. Rothschild
        Diana diZerega Wall
    6. R The Historical Archeology Women's Caucus and the SHA Committee on Gender Issues
      1. Suzanne M. Spencer-Wood
    7. R Women Historical Archeologists: Who's Counting?
      1. Mary C. Beaudry


    1. R Conclusion
      1. Sarah M. Nelson
        Margaret C. Nelson