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    1. R List of Contributors
    2. R Acknowledgements
    3. R Introduction: The Study of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Hunting
      1. Harvey M. Bricker
        Paul Mellars
        Gail Larsen Peterkin
    4. R Weapon Technology, Prey Size Selection, and Hunting Methods in Modern Hunter-Gatherers: Implications for Hunting in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic
      1. Steven E. Churchill
    5. R Mousterian Technology as Adaptive Response: A Case Study
      1. Steven L. Kuhn
    6. R Early Upper Paleolithic Approaches to Bone and Antler Projectile Technology
      1. Heidi Knecht
    7. R Lithic and Organic Hunting Technology in the French Upper Palaeolithic
      1. Gail Larsen Peterkin
    8. R Variability and Function among Gravette Points from Southwestern France
      1. Francis B. Harrold
    9. R Upper Paleolithic Hunting Tactics and Weapons in Western Europe
      1. Lawrence Guy Straus
    10. R The Development of the Bow in Western Europe: A Technological and Functional Perspective
      1. Christopher A. Bergman
    11. R Small Animal Exploitation and its Relation to Hunting, Scavenging, and Gathering in the Italian Mousterian
      1. Mary C. Stiner
    12. R Hunting in the Gravettian: An Examination of Evidence from Southwestern France
      1. Anne Pike-Tay
        Harvey M. Bricker
    13. R Applied Skeletochronology: The Horse as Human Prey During the Pleniglacial in Southwestern France
      1. Ariane Burke
    14. R Upper Palaeolithic Procurement and Processing Strategies in Southwest France
      1. Katherine V. Boyle
    15. R Simulating Mammoth Hunting and Extinction: Implications for the Late Pleistocene of the Central Russian Plain
      1. Steven Mithen
    16. R Season and Reason: The Case for a Regional Interpretation of Mesolithic Settlement Patterns
      1. Peter Rowley-Conwy
    17. R Lithic Use-Wear Evidence for Hunting by Neandertals and Early Modern Humans from the Levantine Mousterian
      1. John J. Shea
    18. R Zarzian Microliths from Warwasi Rockshelter, Iran: Scalene Triangles as Arrow Components
      1. Deborah I. Olszewski
    19. R Variability in Hunter-Gatherer Seasonal Mobility in the Southern Levant: From the Mousterian to the Natufian
      1. Daniel E. Lieberman
    20. R The Human Food Niche in the Levant Over the Past 150,000 Years
      1. Michael P. Neeley
        Geoffrey A. Clark
    21. R Issues in Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Research
      1. T. Douglas Price
    22. R Comments on This Volume and Recent Research by Scholars in Non-Anglophone Europe
      1. Marcel Otte