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    1. R Preface
    2. R Introduction: The Space and Place of Death
      1. Helaine Silverman
    3. R Chapter 1. Siting, Sighting, and Citing the Dead
      1. Douglas K. Charles
        Jane E. Buikstra
    4. R Chapter 2. Collective Burials and Community Memories: Interpreting the Placement of the Dead in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States with Reference to Ethnographic Cases from Indonesia
      1. Dale L. Hutchinson
        Lorraine V. Aragon
    5. R Chapter 3. Houses and Ancestors, Altars and Relics: Mortuary Patterns at Teotihuacan, Central Mexico
      1. Linda Manzanilla
    6. R Chapter 4. Body and Soul among the Maya: Keeping the Spirits in Place
      1. Susan D. Gillespie
    7. R Chapter 5. Conduits of Ancestry: Interpretation of the Geography, Geology, and Seasonality of North Andean Shaft Tombs
      1. Leon G. Doyon
    8. R Chapter 6. The Archaeological Study of Ancestor Cult Practices: The Case of Pampa Chica, a Late Initial Period and Early Horizon Site on the Central Coast of Peru
      1. Jalh Dulanto
    9. R Chapter 7. Situating Sardinia's Giants' Tombs in Their Spatial, Social, and Temporal Contexts
      1. Emma Blake
    10. R Chapter 8. A Landscape of Ancestors: The Space and Place of Death in Iron Age West-Central Europe
      1. Bettina Arnold
    11. R Chapter 9. Placing the Physical and the Incorporeal Dead: Stonehenge and Changing Concepts of Ancestral Space in Neolithic Britain
      1. Mike Parker Pearson
    12. R Chapter 10. Rethinking the Historical Dimensions of Mortuary Practices: A Case from Nisky Hill Cemetery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
      1. David B. Small
    13. R Chapter 11. Narratives of Identity and History in Modern Cemeteries of Lima, Peru
      1. Helaine Silverman
    14. R Chapter 12. Spatial Narratives of Death, Memory, and Transcendence
      1. Aubrey Cannon
    15. R Afterword Visible Death: Mortuary Site and Mortuary Landscape in Diachronic Perspective
      1. Lynne Goldstein
    16. R List of Contributors