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Cover and TOC

    1. R Cover and Table of Contents


    1. R Correspondence

In Focus: Repatriation

    1. R Remains Unknown: Repatriating Culturally Unaffiliated Human Remains
      1. Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh
    2. R Constructing Indigenous Associations: Protocols of Recognition and NAGPRA Compliance
      1. Margaret M Bruchac
    3. R Using Genetic Material in Cultural Affiliation Studies: Cautions and Limitations for NAGPRA Cases
      1. Peter N Jones
    4. R Claiming Respect for Ancestral Remains: Repatriation and the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma
      1. Robert L Cast
        Bobby Gonzalez
        Timothy K Perttula
    5. R Responsive Repatriation: Human Remains Management at a Canadian National Museum
      1. Janet Young
    6. R Global Repatriation and "Universal" Museums
      1. Magnus Fiskesjö
    7. R Beyond the Tangible: Repatriation of Cultural Heritage, Bioarchaeological Data, and Intellectual Property
      1. George Nicholas
        John R Welch
        Alan Goodman
        Randall McGuire

Association Business

    1. R International Voices in New Orleans
      1. Monica Heller
    2. R AAA Brings RACE Project to Capitol Hill
      1. Damon Dozier
    3. R Labor Relations at AAA Meeting Sites
      1. Michael Chibnik
        Steve Ferzaca
        Carol MacLennan
        Ramona Pérez
        Pauline Turner Strong
    4. R CoPAPIA Continues Forward Momentum: Outgoing Chair's Report
      1. Linda A Bennett
    5. R Research Beyond the Frontier: Expanding the Boundaries of Mexican Anthropology
      1. Marisol Pérez Lizaur
    6. R 2009 Donor Recognition
    7. R 2009 AAA Photo Contest Results

Knowledge Exchange

    1. R Uncovering Trauma: The Exhumation and Repatriation of Spanish Civil War Dead
      1. Derek Congram
        Ariana Fernández
    2. R Assessing Federal NAGPRA Implementation: Summary of a Key 2009 Report
      1. D Bambi Kraus
    3. R Repatriation at the Smithsonian Institution
      1. Bill Billeck
        Jacquetta Swift
        John Beaver
        Andrea Hunter
        TJ Ferguson

Public Affairs

    1. R Tribal Anthropology in Public Policy Formation
      1. Rosita Worl
    2. R Teaching Human Rights: Creating an Informed Citizenry in the Classroom
      1. Gretchen E Schafft

Academic Affairs

    1. R NAGPRA's Effects on Anthropology Education: Views from a College Serving Native American Communities
      1. Kathleen Fine-Dare
        Mona Charles
        Dawn Mulhern
        Charles Riggs
    2. R Starting an MA Program at a Time of Fiscal Crisis
      1. Susan B Hyatt

Career Development

    1. R Long Term Ecological Research: A New Opportunity for Anthropologists?
      1. Deborah Winslow
    2. R Funding, Awards, Grants

In Memoriam

    1. R Obituaries

Section News

    1. R Section News

From the President

    1. R Introducing "Inside the President's Studio": First Installment Features Monica Heller
      1. Virginia R Dominguez

Meeting Calendar

    1. R Meeting Calendar