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    1. R Edward J Lehman Award
    2. R Fiction and Poetry Competition for Anthropologists
    3. R Interim Report, AAA Commission on Native American Remains
      1. Nancy Oestreich Lurie
    4. R In This Issue

Page Two

    1. R Decade Watch
    2. R Soft. Where
    3. R Media Monitor


    1. R Coca-eating Moths
      1. Joseph W Bastien

Departments & People

    1. R Death Notices

    1. R In Brief
    2. R Archeology Division
      1. Norman Yoffee
    3. R Association Of Black Anthropologists
      1. Arhur K Spears

Unit News

    1. R American Ethnological Society
      1. Nancy McDowell

    1. R Association For Feminist Anthropology
      1. Deborah Rubin
    2. R Association For Political And Legal anthropology
      1. Daniel Strouthes
    3. R Council On Anthropology And Education
      1. Ronald E Mertz
    4. R Council On Nutritional Anthropology
      1. Claire M Cassidy
      1. David Clevel
        Anne Ferguson
    6. R General Anthropology Division
      1. Conrad Kottak
    7. R National Association For The Practice Of Anthropology
      1. Karen A Curtis
    8. R National Association Of Student Anthropologists
      1. Roger I Lohmann
    9. R Society For Anthropology In Community colleges
      1. Thomas B Stevenson
    10. R Society For The Anthropology Of Europe
      1. Carole Counihan
    11. R Society For Linguistic Anthropology
      1. Bambi Schieffelin
    12. R Society For Latin American Anthropology
      1. Kathleen Logan
    13. R Society For Medical Anthropology
      1. Jeannine Coreil
        Roberta D Baer
    14. R Society For Psychological Anthropology
      1. Sara Harkness
    15. R Society For Visual Anthropology
      1. Richard Chalfen
    16. R Society For The Anthropology Of Work
      1. Tomoko Hamada
        Frederick Gamst
    17. R Cooperation Column
    18. R Grants & Support
    19. R Grant And Competition Deadlines
    20. R Positions Open
    21. R Placement
    22. R Statement Of Policy
    24. R Proceedings of the 88th Annual Business Meeting Washington, DC, November 16, 1989
    25. R New Publications
    26. R Annual Report of the Board Of Directors of the American Anthropological Association January 1-December 31, 1989
    27. R Anthropology in the Public Eye
      1. John Meredith
    28. R AAA Information Services Department
    29. R Consultants: How Much Do You Charge?
    30. R Invitation to Exhibit
    31. R Faculty Characteristics
    32. R Notes From Washington
    33. R Meeting Calendar
    34. R Stirling Award Competition Closes August 31
    35. R Call for Distinguished Service Award Nominations
    36. R Ancient Egypt Exhibit Opens at Carnegie Museum of Natural History


    1. R Ignored Opportunities for Anthropologists in Management and Business
      1. Hendrick Serrie