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Anthropology Newsletter

    1. R Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute in 1986–1987
      1. Benjamin N Colby
        David F Aberle
        Fred Eggan
    2. R 1987 Survey of Departments: Good News
      1. David B Givens
    3. R Awards to be Presented at Annual Meeting Announced


    1. R Murmur of Dissent
      1. Robin Fox
    2. R UAES 1988 Congress Informational Meeting
    3. R More Jargon, Higher Dues
      1. Phylis H Mattson
    4. R Ainu Culture Not Dying
      1. Katarina V Sjöberg
    5. R Regrettable New Feature?
      1. George S Esber

Past Is Present

    1. R Women's Money and the "Study of Man": Contributions from Two Newports

Departments & People

    1. R In Brief
    2. R Anthropology and the Public



Unit News

    1. R American Ethnological Society
      1. Karen L Ito
    2. R Archeology Section
      1. Wendy Ashmore
    3. R Association of Black Anthropologists
      1. Willie L Baber
    4. R Council on Anthropology and Education
      1. Ronald E Mertz
    5. R Council on Nutritional Anthropology
      1. Sara Quandt
    6. R General Anthropology Division
      1. David McCurdy
    7. R National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
      1. Pamela Amoss
    8. R Northeastern Anthropological Association
    9. R Society for the Anthropology of Europe
      1. Carole M Counihan
    10. R Society for Cultural Anthropology
      1. David K Jardan
    11. R Society for Humanistic Anthropology
      1. Marea Teski
    12. R Society for Latin American Anthropology
      1. Setha M Low
    13. R Society for Linguistic Anthropology
      1. Susan Philips
    14. R Society for Medical Anthropology
      1. Merrill Singer
    15. R Society for Psychological Anthropology
      1. Kathryn Anderson-Levin
      1. Susan Greenbaum
    17. R Society for Visual Anthropology
      1. Allison Jablonko
    18. R Call for 1988 Field School and Intern Listings

Cooperation Column

    1. R Cooperation Column

Unit News

    1. R Sunbelt VIII Call for Papers

Grants and Support

    1. R Grants and Support Notes
    2. R NSF Travel Grants for 12th ICAES in Zagreb
    3. R Grants for Research in Progress
    4. R Travel Grants to International Meetings
    5. R Census Research
    6. R American Cultures Fellowships
    7. R Health Care and Aging
    8. R Agriculutre and Population Studies
    9. R NSF Grants for Anthropological Collections
    10. R Museums and Cultural Institutions
    11. R Grand Research
    12. R NSF Lawn and Social Science Program
    13. R Rural Studies in the USA-Field work and Dissertations
    14. R National Foreign Language Center
    15. R Precollegiate Teaching: Resources at Smithsonian

New Publications

    1. R New Publications

Grants and Support

    1. R Micronesian Archeology Conference Held on Guam
    2. R Archive of Folk Culture Publications Series

1988-89 AAA Congressional Fellowship

    1. R 1988-89 AAA Congressional Fellowship


    1. R Placement

Statement of Policy

    1. R Statement of Policy

Position Open

    1. R Position Open

Positions Wanted

    1. R Positions Wanted

1988 Margaret Mead Award

    1. R 1988 Margaret Mead Award

Grants and Support

    1. R Biocultural Antecedents to Alcoholism
    2. R Chicago Symposium on Culture and Human Development

Meeting Calendar

    1. R Meeting Calendar


    1. R Writing Blocks and How to Solve Them
      1. Jérôme Rousseau
    2. R Congressional Fellowships Awarded to Linda Girdner and Carole Jennings
    3. R US Restricts Import of Cultural Artifacts From El Salvador