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AAA Committee Members Elected

    1. R AAA Committee Members Elected


    1. R Update on the Situation in Guatemala
      1. Robert M Carmack

By-Laws Amendments, Plans of Merger Receive Approval in Fall Vote

    1. R By-Laws Amendments, Plans of Merger Receive Approval in Fall Vote


    1. R Computer Conferencing for Anthropologists
      1. H Russell Bernard
    2. R Murray Comments on Ethnography Authenticity
      1. Stephen Murray
    3. R Langness Replies to Murray
      1. L.L. Langness

Departments & People

    1. R Past is Present: The Undying Digraph
    2. R Deaths Notices (Sigrid Khera, Audrey Isabel Richards, Haim Schwarzbaum, George Gaylord Simpson)
    3. R In Brief

Unit News

    1. R American Ethnological Society
      1. Alvin W. Wolfe
    2. R Council on Anthropology and Education
      1. David M. Petterman
    3. R Summer Institute on Women, Health and Healing
    4. R Heinz Kohut Fund Announced at CIP
    5. R Anthropology Acrostic No 21
      1. June Helm

By-Laws of the American Anthropological Association

    1. R By-Laws of the American Anthropological Association

Grants & Support

    1. R Grants and Support Notes
    2. R Grant and Competition Deadlines
    3. R NSF Grants for Research on the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics
    4. R NRC Postdoctoral Fellowships for Minorities
    5. R Humanities Programs for Adults
    6. R School of American Research Resident Fellowships
    7. R Fellowships in Residence at the Smithsonian
    8. R Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program
    9. R Indian History Center Fellowships
    10. R NSF's Eastern European Support
    11. R Census Bureau Research Program
    12. R Hagley Research Fellowships
    13. R International Health and Nutrition Education Study Abroad Program at NYU
    14. R CMRAE Summer Institute on Prehistoric Agriculture
    15. R Career Opportunities Institute for PhDs
    16. R PhD Program in Medical Anthropology, University of California, San Francisco


    1. R Positions Open
    2. R Positions Wanted
    3. R Summer Institute on Near East Archeology for college, University and Seminary Faculty and Museum Curators
    4. R Southern Anthropological Society to Meet in April
    5. R ACSUS Call for Papers

Meeting Calendar

    1. R Meeting Calendar

Ethical Dilemmas

    1. R Ethical Dilemmas

Visual Anthropology

    1. R Commission on Visual Anthropology Established by IUAES

AAA Congressional Fellowship

    1. R 1985–86 AAA Congressional Fellowship