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    1. R 1999-2000 SACC Officers and Chairs
    2. R SACC News

Current Issues in Anthropology: Five-fields Update Symposium

    1. R Introduction
    2. R Coming to our Senses: Cultural Anthropology at the Millennium
      1. Nancy Scheper-Hughes
    3. R Teaching Archaeology: Preaching What We Practice
      1. Susan D. Gillespie
    4. R Developing a Consortium of Applied and Practicing Anthropology Programs: A Status Report
      1. Linda A. Bennett
    5. R An Historical Perspective on Contemporary Linguistic Anthropology
      1. Alessandro Duranti

Papers from the SACC Seattle Conference

    1. R Pathways to Archaeology: A Vocational Perspective
      1. Robert L. Edwards
    2. R Linking History with Anthropology in the Pacific Northwest: A Viable Version Interdisciplinary Learning
      1. Maureen Murphy Nutting
    3. R When One Lover Isn't Enough
      1. Leanna Wolfe
    4. R What do Students Really Want?
      1. Lloyd Miller


    1. R Bargaining in Guanajuato
      1. Lloyd Miller