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    1. R Pellagra and Nutrition Policy Lessons from the Great Irish Famine to the New South Africa
      1. Barrett P. Brenton
    2. R SNAC II: The Current and Future Trends in Nutritional Anthropology
      1. Leslie Sue Lieberman
    3. R Notes from the President
      1. Leslie Sue Lieberman
    4. R Preview of Coming Attractions CNA at the 1998 AAA Meetings
    5. R Web Watch
      1. Miriam Chaiken
    6. R Snac II: Syllabi For Nutritional Anthropology Courses
      1. Leslie Sue Lieberman
        Mark Sorensen
    7. R Book Reviews
      1. Jeffrey R. Backstrand
    8. R Book Reviews
      1. Miriam S. Chaiken
        Jeanine R. Bernat
        Michele Resig
    9. R Training Opportunities beyond the Classroom: Nutritional Anthropology Goes Out to Dinner
      1. Katherine M. Moore
    10. R Welcome from the President-Elect
      1. Deborah L. Crooks
    11. R Letter from the Editor
      1. Miriam S. Chaiken