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    1. R Acknowledgment to Reviewers


    1. R Call for Papers

Editors' Introduction

    1. R Editors' Introduction
      1. John Conley
        Kathryn Henne
        Justin B. Richland


    1. R Transparency in Triads
      1. Andrea Ballestero S.
    2. R Transparent-making Documents and the Crisis of Implementation: A Rural Employment Law and Development Bureaucracy in India
      1. Nayanika Mathur
    3. R Black Boxes of Bureaucracy: Transparency and Opacity in the Resettlement Process of Congolese Refugees
      1. Marnie Jane Thomson
    4. R Activating Citizens, Remaking Brokerage: Transparency Activism, Ethical Scenes, and the Urban Poor in Delhi
      1. Martin Webb
    5. R Transparency Short-Circuited: Laughter and Numbers in Costa Rican Water Politics
      1. Andrea Ballestero S.


    1. R Agency, Scale, and the Ethnography of Transparency
      1. Kregg Hetherington


    1. R Unmaking the State in "Occupied“ Haiti
      1. Chelsey L. Kivland
    2. R Unraveling the Paradox: Competence and the Failure of Subsidiarity in the European Union
      1. Jeff Edmund Katcherian
    3. R Culture Loss and Crumbling Skulls: The Problematic of Injury in Residential School Litigation
      1. Carole Blackburn
    4. R When Blood Has Spilled: Gender, Honor, and Compensation in Iranian Criminal Sanctioning
      1. Arzoo Osanloo
    5. R "The War is Going to Ignite“: On the Anticipation of Violence in Lebanon
      1. Sami Hermez


    1. R Guerrilla Auditors: The Politics of Transparency in Neoliberal Paraguay by Kregg Hetherington
      1. Heath Cabot
    2. R Writing History in International Criminal Trials by Richard Ashby Wilson
      1. Timothy William Waters
    3. R Direct Sales and Direct Faith in Latin America by Peter Cahn
      1. Jill M. Wightman
    4. R From Modern Production to Imagined Primitive: The Social World of Coffee from Papua New Guinea by Paige West
      1. David Sutton
    5. R Native Acts: Law, Recognition, and Cultural Authenticity by Joanne Barker
      1. Kelly M. Branam
    6. R Microfinance and Its Discontents: Women in Debt in Bangladesh by Lamia Karim
      1. Peer Smets

REVIEW ESSAY: Military Citizenship: Emerging and Enduring Relationships Between Soldiers and the State

    1. R Breaking Ranks: Iraq Veterans Speak Out against the War by Matthew Gutmann and Catherine Lutz ?Surrounded: Palestinian Soldiers in the Israeli Military by Rhoda Ann Kanaaneh ?Impotent Warriors: Gulf War Syndrome, Vulnerability and Masculinity by Susie Kilshaw ˆÙ÷ƒ|àáèáìݨF²q»%‡Lp ô˜áÿÿÿÿ ÞäÜàF²qG²q°,ÚÚÕ“Ðw Øwpp¨ò0Ú—iÐwÐpppï’Ðw4Ú‘Ðw „Ú°ŽÐw ÿxÚµCÐwÚ¶hÐw”Ú‘Ðw äÚ°ŽÐw TÛ¨ÝÿîÁ'ÛÛ,Û ¦Òw °p—ô¨Ýu¦Òw h¹ótDÛÕuÓwDÛäuÓw'¨Ýôâ¶É†LìÁ '»%‡L\æœåãç÷ƒ|è çœÝçú‚|+û‚|+û‚|üà„ã|œžpá´ÞØÛœèÛÃ|ˆï!ÈÜÉù‚|Øåù‚|ï!2 ƒ|@½ˆ| ƒ|üß
      1. Catherine Trundle


    1. R ERRATA