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    1. R Editor's Introduction: Anthropology at Many Crossroads
      1. Elizabeth Mertz


    1. R The Magic of the Populace: An Ethnography of Illegibility in the South African Immigration Bureaucracy
      1. Colin Hoag
    2. R Engendering the Company:Corporate Personhood and the "Face" of an Oil Company in Metropolitan Buenos Aires
      1. Elana Shever
    3. R Reconciling Debt: Microcredit and the Politics of Indigeneity in Argentina's Altiplano
      1. Caroline E. Schuster
    4. R Clashing Claims: Neopatrimonial Governance, Land Tenure Transformation, and Violence at Enoosupukia, Kenya
      1. Scott Matter
    5. R From Wards to Citizens: Indigenous Rights and Citizenship in Malaysia
      1. Rusaslina Idrus
    6. R Pater Rules Best: Political Kinship and Party Politics in Tanzania's Presidential Elections
      1. Kristin D. Phillips


    1. R Anthropology and Crime: An Interview with Jean Comaroff
      1. Jean Comaroff


    1. R Spirited Politics: Religion and Public Life in Contemporary Southeast Asia edited by Andrew C. Willford and Kenneth M. George
      1. Claire-Marie Hefner
    2. R Nations of Emigrants: Shifting Boundaries of Citizenship in El Salvador and the United States by Susan Bibler Coutin
      1. Ellen Moodie
    3. R Everyday Harm: Domestic Violence, Court Rites, and Cultures of Reconciliation by Mindie Lazarus-Black
      1. Aisha Khan
    4. R High Stakes: Florida Seminole Gaming and Sovereignty by Jessica R. Cattelino
      1. Kathleen Pickering Sherman
    5. R Bewitching Development: Witchcraft and the Reinvention of Development in Neoliberal Kenya by James Howard Smith
      1. James Ellison
    6. R Plunder: When the Rule of Law is Illegal by Ugo Mattei and Laura Nader
      1. Livia Holden
    7. R Just One Child: Science and Policy in Deng's China by Susan Greenhalgh
      1. Zhou Yongming
    8. R Judging Mohammed: Juvenile Delinquency, Immigration, and Exclusion at the Paris Palace of Justice by Susan Terrio
      1. Kimberly A. Arkin
    9. R Gossip and the Everyday Production of Politics by Niko Besnier
      1. Karen Brison
    10. R Children of Fate: Childhood, Class, and the State in Chile, 1850–1930 by Nara Milanich
      1. Clara Han
    11. R Evicted from Eternity: The Restructuring of Modern Rome by Michael Herzfeld

      1. Noelle J. Mole