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Winner of The 2002 Apla Student Paper Prize

    1. R Intensified Eth(n)ics: Arab Brazilians and the "Imagined State" in Neoliberal São Paulo
      1. John Tofik Karam


    1. R Anthropology and Legal Studies: Cross-Disciplinary Conversations
      1. Annelise Riles
    2. R Responsibility after Military Intervention: What is Regime Change?
      1. John Borneman
    3. R Response: History, Law, and Regime Change
      1. Kunal Parker
    4. R Rejoinder
      1. John Borneman
    5. R Human Rights Law and the Demonization of Culture (And Anthropology Along the Way)
      1. Sally Engle Merry
    6. R Response: (Un)disciplined
      1. Madhavi Sunder
    7. R "Which Side Are You On?" Uses of the Everyday in Sociolegal Scholarship
      1. Mariana Valverde

Symposium Book Reviews

    1. R A Theory of the Trial
      1. Hirokazu Miyazaki
    2. R Academic Culture in the Petri Dish
      1. Ed Morgan

General Book Reviews

    1. R La Fabrique du Droit: Une Ethnologie du Conseil d'État
      1. Ellen Hertz
    2. R Modernism and the Grounds of Law
      1. Antony Anghie

Directions: American Council of Learned Societies Grant Proposal

    1. R Sorcery and Mozambican Democracy
      1. Harry West