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From The Editors

    1. R Subjects of Law, Objects of Politics
      1. Bill Maurer
        Sally Engle Merry

Articles: Winner of the 1998 APLA Student Paper Prize

    1. R Down By Law: Responses and Effects of Sampling Restrictions on Rap
      1. Nitasha Sharma

Articles: Honorable Mention of the 1998 APLA Student Paper Prize

    1. R Demand Management and Peruvian Highland Irrigation Systems
      1. Symantha A. Slaughter-Holben


    1. R Selling Suffering in The Courtroom and Marketplace: An Analysis of the Autobiography of Kiranjit Ahluwalia
      1. Miriam Ticktin
    2. R A Gendered Genocide: Tutsi Women and Hutu Extremists in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide
      1. Christopher C. Taylor
    3. R Culture, Community and the Crisis of Modernity in Papua New Guinea
      1. Nicole Polier
    4. R Images and Aftermaths: The Use and Contextualization of Atatürk Imagery in Political Debates in Turkey
      1. Kimberly Hart
    5. R Have Jola Women Found a Way to Resist Patriarchy with Commodities? (Senegal, West Africa)
      1. Michael C. Lambert
    6. R Models of Indigenous Justice in Chiapas, Mexico: A Comparison of State and Zinacanteco Visions
      1. Jane F. Collier

AAA Symposium

    1. R From Lawyer's Law into the Academic Zoo
      1. Sally Falk Moore
    2. R Pushing the Limits—Eclecticism on Purpose
      1. Laura Nader
    3. R Combining Approaches: Some Reflections on Two Decades of Collaborative Research
      1. William M. O'Barr
    4. R Pluralizing Paradigms: From Gluckman to Foucault
      1. Sally Engle Merry

Methodology: National Science Foundation Grant Proposal, Funded 1998

    1. R Differential Distribution of Political Knowledge In Two Regions of Mongolia
      1. Paula L.W. Sabloff


    1. R Violence Studies: An Introductory Curriculum
      1. Michele Ruth Gamburd
    2. R Alternative Dispute Resolution Jus 470
      1. Madelaine Adelman

Book Reviews

    1. R Japan's Image in America: Popular Writing about Japan, 1800-1941
      1. Tamara R. Teghillo
    2. R Gender, Law, and Resistance in India
      1. Karen B. Leonard