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From The Editor

    1. R From The Editor
      1. Rebecca R. French


    1. R Joan Vincent: The Identity of a Scholar
      1. Anastasia Karakisidou

Forum: Explaining Ethnography to Law Professors

    1. R Taking a Picture in Tibet: A Lawyer Doing Ethnography
      1. Rebecca R. French
    2. R Custom and/or Law in Papua New Guinea
      1. Jean G. Zorn
    3. R Common Law, Common Culture, Commonsense: A Brief Introduction to Arab Legal Reasoning
      1. Lawrence Rosen
    4. R Off Echoes: Some Comments on Anthropology and Law
      1. Clifford Geertz

Forum: The Role of Anthropologists in Canadian Courts

    1. R Problems of Establishing Authority in Testifying on Behalf of the Witsuwit'en
      1. Antonia Mills
    2. R Playing the Devil's Advocate: Anthropology in Delgamuukw
      1. John J. Cove
    3. R In Chief Justice McEachern's Shoes: Anthropology's Ineffectiveness in Court
      1. Robert Paine
    4. R The Man Who Killed the Ram
      1. Peter Burns
        Peter Douglas Elias


    1. R Not Seeing the Law For the Trees: Crofters and the Crofter Forestry Act
      1. Alison P. Brown
    2. R Legal Pluralism in Africa: The Role of Gender and Women's Access to Law
      1. Anne Griffiths
    3. R Land Reform and the Two Faces of Development in Rural Mexico
      1. Norberto Valdez

Book Review

    1. R Anthropology and Politics: Visions, Traditions, and Trends
      1. John Middleton

Curriculum Vitae

    1. R Curriculum Vitae
      1. Joan Vincent

Notes and Comments

    1. R Notes and Comments

Grants and Support

    1. R Grants and Support

Books Received List

    1. R Books Received List