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    1. R To See that the Empress has No Clothes: Feminist Approaches to the Visualization of Culture
      1. Sarah Williams


    1. R The Desiring of Asian Female Bodies: Interracial Romance and Cinematic Subjection
      1. L. Hyun–Yi Kang
    2. R You Can Hide, But You Can't Run: Representations of Women's Work in Illustrations of Palaeolithic Life
      1. Diane Gifford–Gonzalez
    3. R One–Legged Gender
      1. Marilyn Strathern
    4. R Human Fractals: The Arabesque in Our Mind
      1. Ralph H. Abraham
    5. R Family Matters: Postfeminist Constructions of a Contested Site
      1. Elizabeth G. Traube
    6. R Unruly Bodies: Popular Culture Challenges to the Regime of Body Backlash: Two Live Crew and Madonna
      1. Carla Freccero
    7. R Rhetoric of the Object: Material Memory and the Artwork of Amalia Mesa–Bains
      1. Jennifer A. González
    8. R "This isn't Filmmaking, it's War:" A Gendered Gaze on the Tom Cruise Phenomenon
      1. Veronika Rall

Review Articles

    1. R Symbolic Subordination and the Representation of Power in Margaret Mead and Samoa
      1. Angela Gilliam
    2. R Narrating the Post-Colonial Everyday: An Interrogation of The Good Woman of Bangkok
      1. Martina Rieker
    3. R Whose Fantasy?: Sut Jhally's Dreamworld
      1. Laurie Meeker

Notes & Queries

    1. R Feminist Filmmaking as Praxis: Problems and Prospects
      1. Shaista Shameem
    2. R 1492—1992
      1. Sunera Thobani
    3. R Model Minorities and Monstrous Selves: The Winter Olympic Showdown of Kristi Yamaguchi and Midori Ito; Or: "How To Tell Your Friends Apart From The Japs" 1992-Style
      1. Elena Tajima Creef
    4. R Child the Creator: Children as Agents of Change in Juvenile Prehistoric Literature
      1. Blythe E. Roveland
    5. R Access for Others: Alter (Native) Media Practice
      1. Deedee Halleck
        Nathalie Magnan

Film Festival Review

    1. R Ethnographic Film and the Politics of Difference: A Review of Film Festivals
      1. Penny Harvey

Letter To the Editor

    1. R Letter To the Editor
      1. Monica Frota Feitosa