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Guest Editorial

    1. R Editorial
      1. Jesse Lerner

Latin American Film

    1. R The Fotonovela as a Tool for Class and Cultural Domination
      1. Cornelia Butler Flora
        Jan L. Flora

Latin Amarican Film

    1. R Sets of Expectations
      1. John Cohen
    2. R The Image of the Border in Popular Mexican Film
      1. Sofia Anna Villenas

Review Eassay

    1. R Anthropological Filmmaking: Anthropological Perspectives on the Production of Film and Video for General Public Audiences
      1. Ira Abrams

Review Essays

    1. R Recent Work on Third World Cinema
      1. Randal Johnson

Conference Report

    1. R Humanities Research Centre Documentary Film Festival/Film and Photography Conference
      1. David MacDougall

Book Reviews

    1. R Documenting America 1935-1943
      1. Terence Wright
    2. R Disappearing World: Television and Anthropology
      1. David Maybury-Lewis
    3. R The Vision of Robert Flaherty, The Artist as Myth and Filmmaker
      1. David Orenstein

Film Reviews

    1. R Ascent to Priesthood: The Making of an Afa Priest
      1. Nancy J. Schmidt
    2. R La Operacion
      1. Cathy Kubarski

Film Revirew

    1. R Bakine Para un Maestro/Plena is Song, Plena is Work
      1. Jesse Lerner


    1. R Starting Students on Film and Video: A first report on History and Film at La Trobe University, Australia
      1. Tony Barta
    2. R Graduate Program in Ethnographic Film at the Universities of Paris I and X
      1. Wendy Smith
    3. R Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester

AAA meetings

    1. R Visual Anthropology at the 88th Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association Washington, D.C. November 15th - 19th 1989

Film Festivals

    1. R The 1989 Margaret Mead Film Festival, Miscellaneous Festivals

Announcements/Forthcoming Events

    1. R RAI Second International Festival of Ethnographic Film Conference: "Film As Ethnography"


    1. R Letter from the Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute