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    1. R "Falamos como Falamos": Linguistic Revitalization and the Maintenance of Local Vernaculars in Galicia
      1. Sharon R. Roseman
    2. R Spanish-English Codeswitching in the Mexican and Spanish Press
      1. Erica McClure
        Montserrat Mir
    3. R Lexical Acculturation and Ethnobiology: Utilitarianism versus Intellectualism
      1. Cecil H. Brown
    4. R Participant Tracking in Maya Hieroglyphic Texts: Who Was That Masked Man?
      1. J. Kathryn Josserand


    1. R Tracing Iatmul Foreigner Talk
      1. Jeffrey P. Williams

Book Reviews

    1. R The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue
      1. Roy S. Hagman
    2. R Signs in Society: Studies in Semiotic Anthropology
      1. Jonathan Hill
    3. R Sociolinguistic Perspectives on Register
      1. Jean Debernardi
    4. R Framing in Discourse
      1. Barbara Johnstone
    5. R Gender and Conversational Interaction
      1. Birch Moonwomon
    6. R Girls, Boys and Language
      1. Elisabeth D. Kuhn
    7. R Language, Minority Education and Gender Linking Social Justice and Power
      1. Monica Heller
    8. R Therapeutic Ways with Words
      1. Nancy Ainsworth-Vaughn
    9. R Language Contact and Change: Spanish in Los Angeles
      1. Otto Santa Ana
    10. R American Indian English
      1. Patricia B. Kwachka
    11. R Concerning the League: The Iroquois League Tradition as Dictated in Onondaga
      1. Marianne Mithun
    12. R Spiritual Discourse: Learning with an Islamic Master
      1. Sabra Webber
    13. R Linguistic Diversity and National Unity: Language Ecology in Thailand
      1. Thomas John Hudak
    14. R Language and the Social Construction of Identity in Creole Situations
      1. David Minderhout

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