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    1. R Enregistering Diversity: Adequation in Indonesian Poetry Performance
      1. Debbie Cole
    2. R Naturalization of Competence and the Neoliberal Subject: Success Stories of English Language Learning in the Korean Conservative Press
      1. Joseph Sung-Yul Park
    3. R Imagining Navajo in the Boarding School: Laura Tohe's No Parole Today and the Intimacy of Language Ideologies
      1. Anthony K. Webster

Special Issue: Performing Disputes: Cooperation and Conflict in Argumentative LanguageGuest editor: Valentina Pagliai

    1. R Introduction: Performing Disputes
      1. Valentina Pagliai

Special Issue: Performing Disputes: Cooperation and Conflict in Argumentative Language

    1. R Collaborative Conflicts: Teens Performing Aggression and Intimacy in a French Cité
      1. Chantal Tetreault
    2. R Conflict, Cooperation, and Facework in Contrasto Verbal Duels
      1. Valentina Pagliai
    3. R Confrontation in and through the Nation in Kazakh Aitys Poetry
      1. Eva-Marie Dubuisson
    4. R "Short Fried-Rice-Eating Chinese MCs" and "Good-Hair-Havin Uncle Tom Niggas": Performing Race and Ethnicity in Freestyle Rap Battles
      1. H. Samy Alim
        Jooyoung Lee
        Lauren Mason Carris
    5. R Debating a Debate That is No Debate? Censure, Publication, and the Contexts of a Moral Order in Slovakia's Velvet Revolution
      1. Jonathan L. Larson
    6. R Truth Claims and Disputes in Ayurveda Medical Science
      1. Matthew Wolfgram
    7. R Authority and Preschool Disputes: Learning to Behave in the Classroom
      1. Barbara LeMaster
    8. R "Whatever (Neck Roll, Eye Roll, Teeth Suck)": The Situated Coproduction of Social Categories and Identities through Stancetaking and Transmodal Stylization
      1. Marjorie Harness Goodwin
        H. Samy Alim
    9. R Mu xa xtak'av: "He Doesn't Answer"
      1. John B. Haviland
    10. R Afterword: Disputing Consensus
      1. Judith T. Irvine

SLA Graduate Prize Winning Paper 2009

    1. R Of Marbles and (Little) Men: Bad Luck and Masculine Identification in Aymara Boyhood
      1. Benjamin Smith

Book Reviews

    1. R The Ancient Languages of Syria-Palestine and Arabia – Edited by Roger D. Woodard
    2. R Anthropology of Color: Interdisciplinary Multilevel Modeling – Edited by R.E. MacLaury, G.V. Paramei and D. Dedrick
      1. RIK VAN GIJN
    3. R Language & National Identity in Africa – Edited by Andrew Simpson
    4. R Anthropology and Child Development: A Cross-Cultural Reader – Edited by Robert Alan LeVine and Rebecca Staples New
      1. ADRIENNE LO
    5. R Society of Others: Kinship and Mourning in a West Papuan Place – By Rupert Stasch
    6. R Global Linguistic Flows: Hip Hop Cultures, Youth Identities, and the Politics of Language – Edited by H. Samy Alim, Awad Ibrahim and Alastair Pennycook
    7. R Turf Wars: Discourse, Diversity and the Politics of Place – By Gabriella Gahlia Modan

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