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    1. R Formulaic Expressions, Chinese Proverbs, and Newspaper Editorials: Exploring Type and Token Interdiscursivity in Japanese Wedding Speeches
      1. Cynthia Dickel Dunn
    2. R "I Read the Nikkei, Too": Crafting Positions of Authority and Masculinity in a Japanese Conversation
      1. Cindi L. SturtzSreetharan
    3. R Little Women and Vital Champions: Gendered Language Shift in a Northern Italian Town
      1. Jillian R. Cavanaugh
    4. R Language Contraction, Revitalization, and Irish Women
      1. Barbara LeMaster
    5. R Making the Local Foreign: Shared Language and History in Southern India
      1. Lisa Mitchell
    6. R "You Don't Know What They Translate": Language Contact, Institutional Procedure, and Literacy Practice in Neighborhood Health Clinics in Urban Flanders
      1. James Collins
    7. R How We Look from Where We Stand
      1. Michael Silverstein

Book Reviews

    1. R Beginning Creek: Mvskoke Emponvkv; Totkv Mocvse/New Fire: Creek Folktales by Earnest Gouge
      1. Karen M. Booker
    2. R Evolution of Communication Systems: A Comparative Approach
      1. Michael C. Corballis
    3. R Literacy and Literacies: Texts, Power, and Identity
      1. Cecilia Cutler
    4. R Computer-Mediated Communication: Human-to-Human Communication across the Internet
      1. Deborah Dubartell
    5. R Laughter in Interaction
      1. James Herron
    6. R Papers of the Thirty-Third Algonquian Conference
      1. Lars V. Karstedt
    7. R If I Could Turn My Tongue like That: The Creole Language of Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana
      1. Rachel Mentz
    8. R Voices of Modernity: Language Ideologies and the Politics of Inequality
      1. Lisa Philips
    9. R Language Awareness: A History and Implementations
      1. Alicia Pousada
    10. R Gender Shifts in the History of English
      1. E. Moore Quinn
    11. R Questionnaires in Second Language Research: Construction, Administration, and Processing
      1. Robert W. Schrauf
    12. R Analyzing Linguistic Variation: Statistical Models and Methods
      1. Carmen Silva-Corvalán
    13. R Census and Identity: The Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Language in National Censuses
      1. Chantal Tetreault
    14. R Ethnobotany and Conservation of Biocultural Diversity
      1. Nancy J. Turner
    15. R Purism in Minor Languages, Endangered Languages, Regional Languages, Mixed Languages: Papers from the Conference on "Purism in the Age of Globalisation," Bremen, September 2001
      1. Lauren Wagner
    16. R "Languaging" in and across Human Groups: Perspectives on Difference and Asymmetry
      1. Denise E. Walters
    17. R The Comanche Code Talkers of World War II
      1. Anthony K. Webster
    18. R A Manual of Linguistic Fieldwork and Structures of Indian Languages
      1. Christina M. Willis

Publications Received

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