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    1. R Baptismal Essentialisms
      1. Janet McIntosh
    2. R Denotational Textuality and Demeanor Indexicality in Tibetan Buddhist Debate
      1. Michael P. Lempert
    3. R Chaining Spaces
      1. Annice I. Barber
    4. R Pragmatic Functions of Humble Forms in Japanese Ceremonial Discourse
      1. Cynthia Dickel Dunn
    5. R "How Many Lesbians Does It Take ..."
      1. Robin Queen
    6. R Ideologies of the Speaking Subject in the Psychotherapeutic Theory and Practice of Carl Rogers
      1. Benjamin Smith

Book Review

    1. R The Dirt Is Red Here
      1. Jocelyn C. Ahlers
    2. R Children s Discourse (Maya Hickmann)
      1. Soonja Choi
    3. R Linguistics in Britain: Personal Histories (Keith Brown and Vivien Law, eds.)
      1. Regna Darnell
    4. R Improvised Dialogues
      1. J. A. Dickinson
    5. R Conversation and Brain Damage (Charles Goodwin, ed.)
      1. Paul ten Have
    6. R The Languages of Archaeology (Rosemary A. Joyce)
      1. Kelley A. Hays-Gilpin
    7. R The Arabic Language and National Identity: A Study in Ideology (Yasir Suleiman)
      1. Jeffrey Heath
    8. R Now I Know Only So Far: Essays in Ethnopoetics (Dell Hymes)
      1. Joseph Hellweg
    9. R Communicating
      1. Tamar Katriel
    10. R The Brothers and Sisters Learn to Write
      1. Ronald Kephart
    11. R Hopi Traditional Literature (David Leedom Shaul)
      1. Paul Kroskrity
    12. R East Is East, West Is West
      1. Adrienne Lo
    13. R The Cultural Nature of Human Development (Barbara Rogoff)
      1. Inger Mey
    14. R America's Second Tongue
      1. David Samuels
    15. R Language Contact in Amazonia (Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald)
      1. Gillian Sankoff
    16. R Sociolinguistics
      1. Natalie Schilling-Estes
    17. R Nart Sagas from the Caucasus (John Colarusso, ed. and trans.)
      1. Wolfgang Schulze
    18. R Language and Sexuality (Deborah Cameron and Don Kulick)
      1. Nancy J. Smith-Hefner
    19. R Language in South Africa (Rajend Mesthrie, ed.)
      1. Debra Spitulnik
    20. R Areal Diffusion and Genetic Inheritance
      1. Thomas Stolz
    21. R Grammar of the Mexican Language with an Explanation of its Adverbs by S.J. Horacio Carochi (1645) (James Lockhart, trans. and ed.); Spoken Cree Level I. (C. Douglas Ellis); Nishnaabemwin Reference Grammar (J. Randolph Valentine)
      1. Sara Trechter
    22. R Negation in Non-Standard British English
      1. Malcah Yaeger-Dror