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    1. R Verbal Artistry in Southern Paiute Narratives: Reduplication as a Stylistic Process
      1. Pamela Bunte
    2. R "Pray Earnestly": The Textual Construction of Personal Involvement in Pentecostal Prayer and Song
      1. Robin A. Shoaps
    3. R The History and Status of Linguistic Anthropology in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
      1. Lars Karstedt

Review Article

    1. R Cognitive Semantics, Typology, and Culture as a Cognitive System: The Work of Leonard Talmy
      1. Giovanni Bennardo

Book Reviews

    1. R Book Reviews
      1. Keith Allan
    2. R Book Reviews
      1. Cynthia Dickel Dunn
    3. R Book Reviews
      1. Nora C. England
    4. R Book Reviews
      1. Anne Jensen
    5. R Book Reviews
      1. Justin B. Richland
    6. R Book Reviews
      1. Debra Spitulnik
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      1. Jessica P. Weinberg

Book Notices

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