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    1. R Culture and Structure in The Truly Disadvantaged
      1. Katherine S. Newman
    2. R The Wave Theory of American Social Movements
      1. Jerald B. Brown
    3. R A Dialogical Approach to the Problem of Field-Site Typicality
      1. Joseph Tobin
    4. R Social Networks and Urban Neighborhoods in New York City
      1. Charles Kadushin
        Delmos J. Jones
    5. R Gentrification and Familism in Toronto: A Critique of Conventional Wisdom
      1. Jon Caulfield

Research Report

    1. R Users of a Community Cannery: Patterns and Problems
      1. Roberta D. Baer
        Katherine Kelley
        Deborah Rosenberg
        Rebecca Vollweiler
        Lanette Wilbur