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    1. R Building A Collection Of Contemporary Urban Material Culture
      1. Robert Rotenberg
        Alaka Wali


    1. R Representing Tenochtitlan: Understanding Urban Life by Collecting Material Culture
      1. Elizabeth Brumfiel
        John K. Millhauser
    2. R Theories of Material Agency and Practice: A Guide to Collecting Urban Material Culture
      1. Alison Clarke
    3. R Some Thoughts on Material Agency, Urban Practices, and Collecting Strategies
      1. Denise Lawrence-Zúñiga
    4. R Material Agency in the Urban Material Culture Initiative
      1. Robert Rotenberg
    5. R The Banality of Everyday Consumption: Collecting Contemporary Urban Materiality
      1. Paul R. Mullins
    6. R Collecting, Exhibiting, and Interpreting: Museums as Mediators and Midwives of Meaning
      1. Ivan Karp
        Corinne A Kratz
    7. R Collecting Contemporary Urban Culture: An Emerging Framework for the Field Museum
      1. Alaka Wali


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