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    1. R Embracing the diversity of museum anthropology
      1. Cynthia Chavez Lamar
        Jennifer A. Shannon


    1. R pamela masik and the forgotten exhibition: Controversy and Cancellation at the Museum of Anthropology
      1. Meg Pinto
    2. R incorporating quliaqtuavut (our stories): Bering Strait Voices in Recent Exhibitions
      1. Amy E. Chan
    3. R making sense of a mélange: Representing Cultural Citizenship in Singapore's Asian Civilisations Museum
      1. Emily Stokes-Rees
    4. R disciplining bodies, disciplining objects: Museum Guards and the Museu Etnológico Português (1893–1929)
      1. Katina T. Lillios
    5. R is it a sin to sell a statue? Catholic Statues and the Traffic in Antiquities in Vietnam
      1. Laurel Kendall
        Vũ Thị Hà
        Vũ Thị Thanh Tâm
        Nguyễn Văn Huy
        Nguyễn Thị Hiền


    1. R Spider Woman's Gift: Nineteenth-Century Diné Textiles at the Museum of Indian Arts and CultureShelby J. Tisdale, ed. santa fe: museum of new mexico press, 2011. 96pp.
      1. Teresa Montoya
    2. R Sharing Knowledge and Cultural Heritage: First Nations of the Americas. Studies in Collaboration with Indigenous Peoples from Greenland, North and South AmericaLaura Van Broekhoven, Cunera Buijs & Pieter Hovens, eds. leiden: sidestone press, 2010. 243 pp.
      1. O. Hugo Benavides
    3. R Museums, Colonialism, and Identity: A History of Naga Collections in BritainAndy West. london: horniman museum and gardens, 2011. 209 pp.
      1. Vibha Joshi
    4. R Body and Spirit: Tibetan Medical PaintingsLaila Williamson & Serinity Young, eds. new york: american museum of natural history in association with university of washington press, seattle, 2009. 234pp..
      1. Barbara Gerke
    5. R Representing Africa in American Art Museums: A Century of Collecting and DisplayKathleen Bickford Berzock & Christa Clarke, eds. seattle: university of washington press, 2011. 312pp..
      1. Deborah Stokes
    6. R The Copan Sculpture Museum: Ancient Maya Artistry in Stucco and StoneBarbara W. Fash. cambridge: peabody museum press, 2011. 216pp..
      1. Lena Mortensen
    7. R The Archaeology of Art in the American SouthwestMarit K. Munson. lanham, md: altamira press, 2011. 205pp..
      1. Kelley Hays-Gilpin
    8. R Woven Stories: Andean Textiles and RitualsAndrea M. Heckman. albuquerque: university of new mexico press, 2003. 199pp..
      1. Laurie D. Webster
    9. R Letting Go? Sharing Historical Authority in a User-Generated WorldBill Adair, Benjamin Filene & Laura Koloski, eds. philadelphia: the pew center for arts and heritage, 2011. 336pp..
      1. Teresa S. Moyer